Saturday, May 16, 2015

Well the Changes Have Been Coming Fast and Furious...

Been running hard. 

First, Arlo and me found a small piece of dirt just after he joined me. Just a five acre spot down in Cochise county in Arizona.

That's Tombstone/Wyatt Earp/Geronimo and Cochise country.

Then... a biggie is my new "house"... I made a lightning fast week long run from Colorado to Alabama and back to pick it up.

The old Jayco 5er I've been living in for the past several years is going to my Kid... to be used for living quarters while they build a new house in Missouri...

*2016 Lakota Charger 3 horse*

The biggest part of "The Change" though is the change in what I'll be riding... It's the "thing" that caused all the shakeup in the first place.

This old buster is goin' back to horse.

I discovered after better than five years without that there was a growing hole inside me. After living with horses for the greatest part of my life, I came to realize they weren't something I was able to walk away from.

It came down to a hard choice; Horses or Motorcycles. It could only be one. I'll tell you right here... the choice was as tough as I've ever had to make. How do you choose between joys?

Buuuut... My current economic realities dictated that I had to make a choice. I just couldn't swing both as things are... Horses won...

That new Lakota helps that out since those back three windows are the three stalls of a three horse LQ (Living Quarters) Trailer. The front half or so is the living quarters.

So... for the coming foreseeable future, my winter camp will be in southern Arizona.

I've gotten committed to helping my daughters family move and build in the Missouri Ozarks, at least the first part of this summer.  But then__Hopefully__by late August or early September I'll return to my little patch of dirt I'm calling Cochise Camp... to start building up a simple Cowboy Winter Camp.

Maybe with a little luck I'll sell enough books in the not to distant future to allow me to regain a fresh Bike.

Until then, when something occurs to me I'll post a story here... but... most of my time is going to be spent writing, riding horsehide and building... the stories of that will be posted on my sister site goin' RV Boondocking.

Living with Horses again, and then having a good Motorcycle for my "Run Around" transport would be a pure Joy of life for sure!

Duckin' and Runnin'

Friday, April 10, 2015

Going That way... Nope This way... That way... Oh Look... is That Another Road?

The Bike finally sold a few days ago__and let it be said; I am completely and totally ambivalent about this choice__I haven't a clue whether I'm comin' or goin'...

Somehow I knew it was time for "Things" to change. The whispering in my head was a genuine pita.

Only problem is__ I hadn't really a clue what exactly that "change" looked like. Still don't! I mean all sorts of things have been tumbling in my head. Tumbling so much that they were confused and fleeting in a murky haze.

Finally, more out of frustration than anything else I just reached out and set a grip on one of the visions when it momentarily appeared in the fog... Pretty much I had to do Something, even if it was wrong, just to break the inertia and get some movement.

I've read that; "The mind is like water, when it's agitated it's hard to see... but when it is calm it becomes clear and you can see easily"

Yeah... I get that for sure and for certain. The "water" inside of my head is most often like the inside of a blender clicked on High.

Been so long since I could see clear that I'd probably mistake it for somebody Else's dream and pass on by if it ever did happen.

I'm letting things just settle for a while... and see what comes. Too often I think maybe I've tried to force things that shouldn't be forced and ended up with square pegs wedged tight into round holes.

Turned an unplanned direction a few days after the Raider left__ and stumbled across a guy...

His name is Arlo. He's a 9 week old Australian Shepherd pup from the ISDR registry. That's where they were carried before the AKC got ahold of the breed and begun to mucking it up like it's done to so many others...

The ISDR is where the Real Aussies are found.

Well... when this guy looked at me and that lil' voice deep inside looked into those eyes it whispered; don't be a jackass. do.not.leave.this.guy.behind.

So he's sharing camp with me these days. Softens the loneliness that a solo camp becomes.

Maybe this guy will herd me back into the sunlight that seems to have faded.

We shall hope and see__ and find out where exactly the future road runs.