Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weather and Holidays Got in the Way...

Like a lot of the country it got shivering cold here in Missouri... But I got the daughters permission to put the wagon back in the shop after New Years so I could get back to work.

I've gotten the cabinets I'll have hung, along with the lights and ceiling paneling. 

Also built what I'll call my "power center" panel that I mounted beside the side door. 

It has the remote monitor of the batteries and solar power system, several light switches (only 3 of the 6 currently wired up) and a fuse panel for as many as ten circuits.

Not a whole lot left to do really. Just building my convertible couch/bunk, a counter up under the cabinets and a couple other odds and ends.

So far I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along... even with the bad weather and the crowded work space. (The shop is also living space while they build their house) πŸ˜‰

Time to heat up some supper...

Getting Restless to get back on the road!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My Rovers Wagon Has A Few More Bells...

Got the windows cut in and insulation, ceiling, floor and walls, placed. Then got a new pair of 230 amp hour, 6V, batteries set in place and the controller wired back up.

Hooked the batteries in this afternoon and flipped the breakrs. No sparks or smoke let me relax a bit! πŸ˜†

Though a total gloomy overcast that good 270 watt Kyocera panel is making power. Not much, but any on a cloudy day is a good thing.

Been planning on a second pair of batteries very soon... But I have been living on only two batteries for more than two years in the Lakota.

The fiver had six to run the furnace, microwave and all that junk... this rig will only have lights and a USB station. No furnace blower and No microwave. No refrigerator controls or other draws... so a pair just might do the trick. I'm wanting to be zero generator so we'll see what happens.

A pair of cabinets for my pantry/kitchen hardware will get hung in the next few days.

Still waiting on the title and plates for the Raider, the Yukon and the Rovers Wagon to get here from South Dakota...

Just after Christmas I'll hang the new interior paneling and get it varnished up. Not putting it behind the cabinets. They'll be hung on poplar boards secured to the steel wall posts. See no reason to bother with the weight of paneling behind them.

... a counter and my couch/bunk to build after all that... much to do yet but I am seeing some real progress at this point!

This Rovers Wagon have this old drifter back wandering a Ribbon of Highway in No Time! πŸ˜†

- Brian