Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Closing in On the End of the Build

Buttoned up a cover for my "throne" today. Oh yeah. A fringed leather throne for my speshul behind! 😁

Only planning to use the port-a-throne on the road when no alternatives present or when my camp "options" aren't available.

Also finished up an awning rig. At some point I may stitch up a custom canvas tarp to stretch for the awning, but at $10 a pop for this Harbor Freight cheapie, it will go a long way. Even if it only lasts 3 months it's hard to beat $3.30 a month for shade and a rain cover over my camp kitchen. Plus, it's plenty enough to roll the bike in under to shelter during a storm.

Built the poles of 1 1/2" pvc electrical conduit. The guys are light weight winch straps. The tarp connects by carabiners to Footman loops screwed to the trailer. Works slick.

Come April, breaking out of the box I cornered myself in is still doable. I just keep my eyes focused on the tasks I need done.

Shortly I'll be back in the wind where I belong. ☺

... another struggle with google and microsoft to get this post even posted. Every time I get online it seems there's new hurdles to fight through to even get to my dashboard to do anything. Took more than an hour this time... rapidly losing the motivation to endure their junk any more... We shall see...

- Brian 


Karin Corbin said...

I think Google plans to let its blogger software die a slow and natural death. It is not very well supported now. Be sure you back up the blog often so you can at least capture the text and also the photos that go with the text. Then if needed you can transition it to a new host.

Glasshousebc said...

Nice work on the awning idea. Giving the camp kitchen a shelter and the bike. Nice one.