Saturday, June 2, 2018

First Long Camp in a year is Nearly Done

My 14 days is done tomorrow. I'll have to move camp Monday.

Been a curious time. Several 100+ mile circles. Rode Mesa Verde twice. That first ten miles in is cool as hell. Rode over to Vallecito reservoir... then up the road toward Telluride as far as Lizard Head Pass past Rico a couple times. Another sweet ride.

As always, in the wind on the scooter, all is right with the world. It's all the rest that makes my ass twitch.

Had spent the first few days patching the trailer. I'll live with it bent and busted for now 'till after harvest. It's sealed again with an ugly sheet metal patch at the least. Fact is I weary of repairing things... things beyond a bike anyway...

... and that's the thing... the bike gives back... all the rest? That's just burden that eats more than it provides. Truth be told, if not for Arlo I'd be on the bike alone. Period. That red head is the only reason for the hooch and yukon... meh.

That deer wreck kinda messed up my too thin budget. Living on rice and beans this month working to get back in sync... I keep hoping I get a call from somebody that needs that aluminum anchor parked back in Missouri. That would be a huge weight lifted off my spirit. Somehow that old misstep is still welded to my backside.

The road ahead is foggy... as it should be. I'll be hanging at Flaming Gorge a couple weeks. Been thinking Hells canyon after that... I've never been there... 

Idaho is tickling my mind this summer... and west Montana as always. Lots of twisting little roads to explore with my nose in the wind... lots of time in the wind.

Wish me luck... and a soul that needs that LQ Horse Trailer waiting in Missouri.

- Brian