Monday, July 24, 2017

I'mmmm Baaaaaaaaaack!

Well... sort of... I'm still bikeless... and living in a horse trailer... one batshit crazy dog and a horse that... yeah... enough of that...

Actually not much to write about... the last two years and more have been a slow motion train wreck...

Divorce, Struggle, Humongous vet bills, Betrayal, Busted shoulders ( fall from a truck not a horse) Humongous repair bills to rival and dwarf the vet bills... you name it and I probably did it wrong...

... and all seeming to be the Boss smacking a slow learner up side the head with a two by four wanting to know; "Yo! Moh-ron! WHACK!! Have I got your attention yet???!!!"

Thing is... he GOT MY ATTENTION. Actually sort of one of those epiphany revelation deals. "I can see clearly now"... the stars are gone.  Let's see if I can keep the fog of life from obstructing my vision again in the next few weeks. That's my trouble right now... I know where and how I need to go... onliest problem being that things beyond my control say that trail can't really start until well into September... which leaves a moh-ron plenty of time to muck up the works with second guessing and conjuring up troubles that don't exist! :)

I'm stationary in Missouri for another few weeks... I'll start rolling along about the 5th of September as my labor to restore myself to who and what I was begins. I'll be Colorado bound for a couple of commitments and then on to Montana to start this next chapter of my twisting journey.

I don't want to say too much just now (superstitious you know) but... as I make progress I'll hopefully be able to reveal my successes as I strive to restore my bony ass to the world of the upright and scooter mounted.

I'm hopeful... combined with a nature that's about as stubborn as the boss ever made and I should get where I'm headed... in some fashion... One way or t'other... it'll be a Ride!

- Brian