Saturday, August 19, 2017

Still Bangin' Away... One Foot In Front of the Other.

Saying I'm back and GETTING back are sorta kinda two different things... The Ol' easier said than done kind of deal.

BUT... Progress is being made... if I draw a chalk line around it and watch real close!

The first Major part of clawing my way out of the mire I stepped in to is my annual Harvest job up in Montana that starts 'bout the middle of September. That'll produce the first of the dinero needed for the re-grouping.

Then I'm taking a deep breath and whittling out some very basic changes in the way I live... Ya'll might find it interesting... I'm hoping that's a word I'll be able to use 😎 and no more of words such as crash and burn! 😁

So, I'll be leaving Missouri sometime in very early September to begin working that way.

As soon as the Harvest is complete I'll be returning here to start the FUN part... Restoring my butt to the saddle of a scooter... and outfitting through the early part of the winter for the next chapter in this twisted and convoluted journey.

I am miserably impatient waiting to get things moving! ... and get my own knees in the breeze again! Patience is not a virtue I have much of left... might just could be how I get myself into so many jackpots! Ha ha...

Stay tuned.