Saturday, December 29, 2012

In the Wind? In Colorado? In December?


:) I rode through a lot of Colorado winters splitting the wind on any day that the thermometer claimed ten degrees or more. If the roads weren't all iced up I was on the bike and the bike was on  the road.

I remember one winter the temps stayed too cold and the roads too iced up to ride from before Christmas to the middle of January. I was one grumpy biker.

The V star I rode then wouldn't start below 17 degrees, so I kept it in the shop at night. I'd ride out in the mornings down as low as ten degrees, as long as I knew the high would get up to at least twenty or so... so I knew my bike would start to come home in the evening.

With my Raider waiting in my brother-in-laws shop in Phoenix, we've been up here in Denver for the past ten days or so on this Christmas circle with temps in the thirties. Balmy by my old standards, but apparently my tough old rounder days are over! All the bones I broke, dislocated and abused over the years are achin' and cursin' at me.

They're tellin' me my tough nut days are in the past. Yes sir! I believe I'm pretty solidly focused on keeping myself camped on sunny slopes in shirt sleeve weather! ;)

It's the old Been there Done that story. I know I did. I know I could... but now-a-days? I don't wanna! :)

Don't get me wrong, I still ain't gonna break down and hang a windshield on my motorcycle... All I'll admit to is a lot greater reluctance to ride when the bite of the wind leaves your face glowin' like a lantern! :)

Readying for our return south from our Christmas Circle.

Grab Your Handles and Ride

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to Riders Everywhere

 Wishing you All a very Merry Christmas. Remember to walk out into your garage and hug your bike! ;) maybe give it a lil' polish and shine in gratitude? and then stop to count your good fortunes to live where we do... and be blessed with two wheels! ;)

Ridin' out Christmas Day in Colorado

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Live Like You Are Dying"

 Words of a song...

It happens often. You get caught up in the trivial, day-to-day meaningless drivel... and lose sight of the things that are important.

You worry about debts, and water heaters, and the neighbors barking dog... and burn up the energy to just walk out to the garage, gear up and ride! The dark mood imposed on you by the noise of this world depresses you into hermiting yourself away in darkness.

The weight and endless drone of all that useless noise in your head makes you forget that... that simple act... Getting on and Riding...  helps return the universe to balance. It restores the light in your eyes... and the calm in your soul.

No one knows how... No one can explain it with words... it just... IS.

*some Hack riders made me feel foolish*

We were coming back from Sedona a few evenings ago... had just pulled into camp late that afternoon. It was cool and we didn't figure we'd stay long in the area... so I'd left the bike on the truck.

The hack in the picture above rolled down the ramp behind us and passed us headed south. It's not hard. I take it pretty easy on that old dodge... and its $4 diesel! ;)

But... it made me feel kinda puny... protecting my gentle self, who has rode through Colorado winters... from the "Cool" of an Arizona December. Made me realize how easy it is to miss a LOT!

You have to reach out and grab it now. If not NOW... WHEN? It slides by so fast... and you never know in this twisted world when some sick bastard is gonna rip it all away from you...

Reach out Now. Today!

Grab Your Handles and Ride

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Single Shining Truth...

Slowly, in the fresh cool breath of a winter desert morning, the sun rises to reveal a new day... She's as fresh and pure as a Virgin.

The burdens of life that tormented me awake all night are once again pushed off by the new hope that is born with each sunrise.

The sure knowledge that what is the essence of my dreams wrought into physical form... shaped into an exquisite piece of ingenuity and man made passion...

... sits right in front of me... glistening in the morning sun... and I cannot but smile.

Of all my failures and shortcomings I am painfully aware. Of the little trust I have known in this life I am daily reminded.

For the Life and Spirit embodied in the ethereal reality that IS a Motorcycle ... I am Grateful beyond what words can describe.

Many things I don't know and never will. Many trusts have been given and betrayed. Many sorrows have been endured and a few joys.

A single shining joy, whose trust I Know, will never betray me... is... Motorcycle; and she is mine.

Grab Your Handles and Ride

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do Motorcylces Call Loudly to You... Or... Do They Whisper?

I wrote on goin' RV Boondocking just the other day; Listen to the Whispers. My bike, Sonja, sits outside my rig... and whispers to me. Her voice floats to me on the morning breeze... sometimes in the dark of night from her place in our camp.

*My Raider waits for the road under another Arizona Sunset*

I've been guarding that bike like a treasured friend for many miles... She's rode the truck from camp to camp, and carried me on rides across so many fine roads this past three years that to name them all would name nearly every state west of St Louis! ;)

The memories of so many glorious moments fill my eyes when I stop and call them up.

Her whispers come to me so soft on the wind that the actual words are indistinct. The sweet sound leaves only an uneasy hunger as they fade away...

But, Like a treasured friend? Sonja is to me far more than a LIKE... That machine has grown to be a part of me, as sure as the bionic hand Ol' Luke Skywalker spliced onto his arm so many years ago. ;)

That Scooter is spliced onto my Soul.

When she rumbles across the land with me hanging to her back... metal and man, melded into one, the unease washes away. The uplifting feeling of Freedom spreads a smile across my face. On that bike... somewhere on a road... anywhere on a road, I am whole.

Those that hear such things said and then look on, rolling their eyes and spinning their finger in a circle around an ear; as they ridicule it all as a jaded cliche'; are the source of the old saying; If I have to explain it, you'll never understand.

To tell the truth, I couldn't care less. It makes no difference. The only person in MY life who I need to "get it" is me. That's the key. Rather than trying to explain to everyone what cannot be explained... we need to make sure WE ourselves are seeing clear.

My only regret is that it took so long for the fog, that's been used to conceal the truth from us all, to be blown clear of my eyes.

That fog is gone... never to return.

The truth is to follow your heart not the manipulations of others. Honor your dreams and your passions. Live with the courage to BE what makes you whole.

A simple task to know... often, a terribly difficult job to perform.

Grab Your Handles and Ride