Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ahhhhh.... What Choice Does a Rider Have?

I'm kinda in the dumps a lil'... at least, thinkin' about my Bike.

Those posts I've read, 'bout the tribulations of other Bikers don't help... and I feel a lil' guilty, bein' as how easy I'm livin' these days... but... what can I say, it don't change the low feelin' you get... When, no way around it... you have to admit it... Somehow, You busted your scooter.

The Raider, which has run like a top, the best Machine I've EVER owned, for near 30,000 miles... is lame.

She started usin' oil coming back from the Dakotas... and continues to consume it at a rate of a quart every 400 miles giver or take. That's a lot of oil. The weird thing is... She don't smoke. The pipes aren't all sooted up... and there's not a leak, anywhere. Not a drop...

But... the oil level is down, after every ride... So the only thing I can conclude is... she's got a busted ring or two... and she's burning it, smoke or not.

So, that leaves me with that gnawing worry, each mile; where's that oil goin'? How? Why? What's the repair gonna cost me? Where's THAT gonna come from?

and... most of all... What other Option do I have... Really?

I mean, not fixing it would be akin to a man refusing antibiotics for an infection in his leg... 'cause the cost would cut into his beer money too deep.

That Raider... That Motorcycle... IS ... My Legs.

Not, Fixing her, Not getting her back to 100% isn't an Option...

Some folks would say; "It's only a machine. It's only a thing. Get over it." Those of you, that are Riders... and not just someone who sits on a motorcycle to get from one place to another, know what I'm talking about... Those others, never will...

That bike is a part of me now, like my Heart... It's grown into a piece of my soul. Bummer though repairs might be... What other option does a Rider have?

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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1 comment:

big al ( glasgow ) said...

awww man , i hate it when my bike develops a fault ( and they all do ) i will keep my fingers crossed for you that this does not turn into an open bank book kinda repair !

hey if i have an unexpexted financial nightmare , i pay it outa my livin money and then just cut back for the rest of that month , lets face it , one less chocolate bar , and one less beer every other day cant be a bad thing ' right !

anyhow , i wish your bike and your wallet a speedy recovery.

big al