Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keeping My Balance When I'm Not ON the Bike.

I'm always better as soon as the clamoring towns fall away behind me and the road stretches out to the horizon. It's not something I forget, but it is something a guy loses sight of in the struggle to just live.

The endless drone of the system to produce is a hard thing to resist. You're bombarded nearly every waking moment from every possible angle with jabs to; Make more, sell more, buy more. Yet the majority of that demanded productive citizenship serves only the system.

The reality is, the individual has small and very few true needs. Shelter, food, water, clothing... and a motorcycle! :)

The Primary goal should be; Live More. Producing should only be for the purpose of filling the fuel tank or the food box.

If you put pencil to paper supported by a lil' bit of cipherin' on a cheap calculator, seasoned with a lil' bit of pragmatic reality... you'll come up with a number I'm fairly confident will be a lot smaller than the one you've been 'existing' on.

I find in my own situation I have to consciously, constantly, "defend against the machine". I must deliberately shove all the pressures to "make a living" aside and set about actually... actually LIVING for a while.

The 'machine' is a devious and insidious thing. I often find myself sitting between two worlds. On the one hand I want and need little. On the other, I have to 'Sell' to feed myself, keep the roof patched and tires on the scooter.

It's finding that balance point between the two worlds that sometimes gets lost in the dust and commotion of living.

The best tool I know of to maintain the balance is to simply...

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Trobairitz said...

Ah to find that perfect balance.

Some days I think we should sell the house and become wandering gypsies. Why are we working to pay that mortgage? Ah yes, debt free by 50 I remember. Of course if we sold the house we would be debt free. Doh!