Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Looking Down the Road...

This road I'm on is every bit as long and difficult as I expected.

The ache to get back to the freedom I knew on the road... until being chained down this past year... is strong.

It's a real job cutting loose the bindings my bad choices wrapped around me... but that day is far closer.

I'm waiting now on the last few bits, ordered just a day or two ago, to make my camp long term sustainable.

Some drifters choose to go on just their bikes, and it's a fine way. Very fine. I much treasure long, far rides... just me, the road, and my bike.

Just, for me, for ling term sustainability, there is what I feel, again, for me, a better way.

Having to rely on the generosity of others has left me twisting all to often... and I'll let that lay right there.

Also, For me, I don't like feeling pushed by the weather. When you live on a bike it can seem that way.

A long time ago I was taught and learned to embrace the weather. Fight it and you will lose. The weather will eat you.

You have to embrace the weather, not fight it. So... to live with it I equip to deal with what comes. For long term sustainable life on the road I've chosen to have a hard side "hooch".

With that, the wind, rain...even snow and bears don't push me. I can just hunker down and drink my coffee, warm, dry and secure.

In the past I had larger rigs. Too big. Too heavy. To complicated. Downsizing to this little 72 square foot hooch lightens the burden of that little bit of "security" to insignificant "weight" on body and soul. 

In fact I am left with a pretty awesome camp... though I may be biased!

I'm hoping to be "back in the wind" around April Fools day... isn't THAT appropriate!

Made a lot of progresd since the last post. The pic is the couch/bunk folded out for my bed, and the shelf setup that holds my "tour pack" closet. ALL my clothes are in that...and the jacket duffle and helmet rack just above... minimalism!

***edit*** had to hop through new hoops for google and microsoft to get the post to load and then yet more... to get a pic up... so I added a couple others as well... their screwing around is making computer use a massive hassle rather than a benefit...

*Couch folded out for my bunk*

*Table folded*

*table raised for coffee and sketching*

I'm actually living in the nearly finished trailer now. Figured I better work the unnoticed kinks out of the outfit while I still have a bit of a safety net here.

Once I am I'll do up a short video tour of the bikers hooch camp I am finishing up right now.

Pushing hard with an empty wallet to get loose! 😊

- Brian

p.s. The last few posts had been emailed from my phone... I've missed a couple of comments that got hung up unseen on my phone "awaiting moderation"... I'll try and do better!


Glasshousebc said...

Great to read this... I look forward to the continuing journey.

Unknown said...

Ditto on Steve's comment.

You're welcome to stop by if you make it out this way.

gypsycowboy said...

Been Hoping to settle back into the road somewhere around Mesa Verde in April... then West and North... Haven't been to the coast in too long. The bank is awful light these days though so only time will tell where I wander. Mostly I only know where Im headed when I look back and see where I been. When I drift within range of a detour... and it ain't snowin' I sure will!