Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener When Motorcycle Adventure Touring......

..if your Motorcycle Adventure Touring is done on foreign roads... right?

... or is it?

Do you have to ride in foreign lands to find good Motorcycle Adventure Touring?

Or, can you find the Spirit and Healing power of the Open Road, right here at home, on American Roads?

What is it we're really looking for? What is your definition of Adventure Touring?

Enough with the questions, and let's have some answers!... Right? :o)

Well, Ok... but I don't know that I have any! Just my "Opinions" and what works for me.

When I'm out, Splitting the Wind my primary goal is finding Freedom. That is the Great Adventure I hunger for.

Now... since that one, singular, thing, is sorely deficient over the majority of the rest of the globe... it turns out I find little to attract me to those foreign lands.

Let 'em keep their mordida and various tyrannies... and all their 'stuff'...

All I need to feed my soul is...

  • The simple joy of living... with a motorcycle! :o)

  • The Glorious Visions you see around every bend on almost every road in this country :o)

  • The Scent of rain freshened air, splitting the wind on a Mountain Morning...

  • The Joyous feeling of my ladies arms wrapped around me as we follow a Ribbon of Highway... after a night of my senior carcass provin'... I ain't dead yet! :o)

  • A fresh view of a road I've not yet ridden...

  • or finding that riding an old road again, is like huggin' a treasured friend I've not seen in a long time...

  • Conversations with interesting people I meet along the way...

They all combine to prove that I can find all the Adventure Touring I need... all the Motorcycle Touring... I require.

All the Healing Power I can stand... from two wheels on asphalt!

... Right here in what has always been to me... Heaven on Earth...

The Great American West!

Anyone who claims this place or that country has beauty surpassing that of the Grand Canyon, Alaska, The Canadian Rockies, Yosemite, the Pacific Coast Highway, The Great Smokies, Glacier, Yellowstone, The Black Hills, Tonto Basin, the Sierras... and on and on...

... has issues we just ain't gonna address, or cure, here! :o)

...and yes... I consider the Canadian Rockies as part of the "American West"... The Great North American West! Canada ain't a part of the good Ol' U S of A... but she's darn sure her Sister!

Do you need a passport to find acceptable Adventure... Motorcycle Touring?

Nahhh... Not Even!... Just...

Grab Your Handles and Roll!

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