Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Motorcycle Passenger Seat for My Raider

I'll Ride to Denver tonight, soon a I get off the day job. We're scheduled in at Bitchin' Stitchin' tomorrow morning at 9.

The plan is to rebuild the passenger pillion on the Raider into more of a passenger touring seat... add some width, a backrest, and gel cushion.. The existing just won't get it done... a typical brick on a fender... 

The guys at Bitchin' Stitchin' have built a good reputation... I've talked to several folks that have used 'em... so we're hopeful for a good looking and good riding passenger seat...

... Then... it's on to getting saddlebags and a fender rack worked out...

I'm looking hard at a company...called Osprey Limited for some more traditional looking, full grain leather bags... just haven't made the final decision yet on which style and just how much... if any... studs or conchos I'm gonna want on 'em...

Fender Racks are probing a bit more elusive... I've only found a couple laser cut versions that don't do anything for me... I may just look into shaping something up myself and then getting it either chromed or powder coated... we'll see...

What I want is to be able to swap between the passenger seat and a solo fender rack with out a whole lot of hassle... should be a doable deal with Yamaha's easy setup... just one key and two cap screws... should be able to swap out in 'bout a minute!

Let you know tomorrow... or the next day... how the seat turned out!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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