Sunday, April 18, 2010

Touring Motorcycles or Trailer Queens?

I'm kind of in the middle on this... and stuck between a rock and a hard place... and... it is, in a way, about Motorcycle Philosophy, ain't it?

My Bikes are not Trailer Queens... but... they, of necessity, get hauled a lot... We live now, in a Fifth Wheel Trailer... I just can't master the skill of driving the truck and riding the Motorcycle... at the same time! :o)

When we move camp... I've got to load the Bike... and in the past it has always been "The Motorcycle"... now... with the addition of my Raider... It's become "The Bikes!"

Now... most times... nobody would accuse my rides of bein' trailer Queens... they ain't that clean! :o) ... and that's my only problem with chrome... If you see a bike with shiny chrome... you're likely lookin' at a bike that gets polished more than it gets rode. It looks fine... but Lordy... it's waaaaaay to much work for a lazy Ol' geezer like me. :o)

Right now, I'm stewin' on a problem... That bein' loading two motorcycles on a truck and fifth wheel RV rig.

The motorcycle carrier on my fifth wheel I designed and had built, works fine, and will continue to carry the V Star... but the Raider can't be carried back there... and stock hitch position is too tight to just roll it up, cross ways, behind the cab.

Plus, the truck sits so tall, an extended length ramp is required so that low ride Raider can clear the breakover, when it is loaded.

What I'm working on is:
1. Moving my Gooseneck Trailer hitch to a position behind the truck axle, rather than the stock position in front. This will give me sufficient room for the Raider to mount with a Wheel Dock Chock, behind the cab. I'll have to take a lil' care in tight, jack-knife situations (which are actually rare) but it should work ok.

The Dodge Diesel is heavy enough in the front end that weight distribution isn't a problem.

2. A ramp... that is long enough, yet folds up for storage, and light enough for a lazy Ol' geezer to move around...

3. Another small winch, like I've got on the carrier built on the trailer, for loading the bike easy.

... or maybe... I should just can the whole dang outfit... and live with just the Bikes and a tent! :o)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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