Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vintage Moto in Denver

If you're passing through Denver, and have any interest in Old Motorcycles... there's  a neat lil' museum down on the corner of 28th and Walnut in the LoDo area.

Vintage Moto Museum has something over 190 old, looks to be mostly Italian motorcycles... restored and according to the fella taking care of 'em... all rideable...

I gotta say, lookin' at those bikes... I'll keep my Raider! :o)

Most of 'em seem to be built along the lines of a cafe racer... which don't appeal to me... but they do have one nice old 1949 Indian Scout that looks pretty cool.

I did find some inspiration checking out all the Vintage Motorcycles... Saddle Bags! ... If you've been reading here for any amount of time... you know I've been pondering what/how to put a proper set of motorcycle saddle bags on my Raider.. Well... I may have found the solution!...

 What a ya think? Those would do pretty fine... don't you think? :o)

Not real sure just What somebody is gonna carry in them lil' suckers...  but I suppose if you needed a kleenex or a bandaid...

The entrance fee, is a lil' high at $7... but... it is a fun deal to walk around and check out and compare the 'rides' from the middle of the last century... up to a few Racers that aren't very old at all...

Heidi's favorite was the "Bee"... Circa 1950... Typical German efficiency... carry a spare tire...

But... Like I said... I do believe I'll keep my Raider! :o)

So... 'bout all I can say is...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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