Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is The Safest Way to Lean a Motorcycle Around a Corner?

I found a link over on Motorcycle Philosophy that I thought I should pass on... There's a really superb diagram and explanation of the three ways of navigating a corner... and what I like is the "Real World" attention they pay to the skill...

That link is to an Outfit called LateralG and discusses what they call "Apexing"... a good read and makes a fella think a lil'...

Along that line... my wife just passed her Motorcycle Training course this weekend in Colorado... a good start for anyone wanting, or thinking they want to... Start "Riding their Own".

A reader sent me a couple links for Two Outfits, dedicated to improving the skills and safety of all riders... one is in the San Diego area, called, appropriately :o) San Diego Motorcycle Training 

They actually offer a short rental program so students can gain some "On the road" experience after getting their license.

The other is the National Motorcycle Training Institute   a non-profit, public benefit institution whose mission is to reduce the fatality and morbidity rate for motorcyclists.

Kind of a Fancy high-falutin' moniker... for a bunch of Bikers ain't it? :o)

Anyhoo... like many have said... All Motorcycle Riders know, they're gonna Die on that Motorcycle... the Object is to Die of Old Age... before that happens. :o)

Getting the proper training... learning... and practicing, the proper skills... will get a Biker... or a Bikerette... a long way down that Road... without the Road Rash!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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