Sunday, June 13, 2010

How Can You Ride Two Motorcycles?

I am sometimes jealous of the guys who ride two or three Motorcycles... I see so many sweet machines, and think I'd like to have a couple or three... but I hit a wall... because of a personality trait of mine...

The guy writing this, is a biker who willfully, deliberately and eagerly engages in Anthropomorphism. :o) Pretty much every truck or bike I've ever owned... had a name... It wasn't just "The Dodge"... or the "V Star"... it's "Big Red" and "Slick"... they all have names...

The Raider I'm riding now... is resisting being named so she is, so far, just referred to as the "Red Head" :o)... but she is still referred to as... SHE!

... So... climbing off one bike... to Ride another... is too strangely like cheating to me... makes me feel... Off.

Some might think such an emotional attachment to a machine is just a lil' wierd... but then... yeah... I'm a lil' wierd! :o)

But... when something, anything, blesses a man with the emotional impact that a Motorcycle does, for So Many Riders... how can you say it's Just a Machine? When a machine possesses an almost mystical power, to push away all the miserable entanglements of life... for even a little while; replacing them with feelings of serenity and All is Right In My World.. for at least those few miles she carries me, Knees in the Wind...

... How could I NOT accept and believe in the Mythical, Healing Power of a Motorcycle on the Open Road?

I now own two bikes... My old V Star and My New Raider... I ride one, the Raider... My wife, is now partnered up with Slick, the V Star.

After all the miles that Star Motorcycle has carried me... through the mud and the snow... and the times she kept me out of trouble... when physics said she should have low sided... or high sided me when I snapped her out of a near low side...

...I just have difficulty not thinking that somewhere, hidden inside those castings and bolts, crankshafts and valves...

...there is something living. :o) Something that I'm in Love with...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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