Saturday, July 24, 2010

Final Prep for Departure of the Great Alaskan Raider!

Picked up what I Think is the last of the bits and pieces of my gear last night... I'll write about what I'm taking... and how it's working, along the way on this ride.

Installed what is really a Temporary power plug yesterday, so I have cell phone, camera battery, Ipod charging etc... oh yeah, and my lil' Mini Acer laptop charging... It's a lil' inverter... far more than the bike can actually produce... but the items that'll be plugged in, One at a time, will draw Way less than what the inverter can produce... so just a lil' common sense should be all that's required...

... so... on second thought... I may be in trouble! :o)

But... if this proves out... I'll figure out a more permanent setup...
(this one will only be able to be used in dry weather) an inverter, no matter how small, needs ventilation... but has to stay dry! and what I have is exposed... so... charging only when it's NOT raining! :o)

Going out this morning for a test ride of my "packing" and power plug... collect some Cash... and a few other errands in prep for a Mid Morning? departure Tomorrow.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Rich said...

Keep an eye on the motorcycle battery. The stock charging systems don't usually put out much extra. I would only use the inverter while on the road and be sure to let the battery recover so you can restart the bike without having to push it.

Brian said...

Thanks Rich! Yeah I figure there ain't much to work with. I only figure to have ONE thing plugged in at a time... and Only when the bike is running.

I only have small things... cell, camera and a mini laptop... so I don't think I'm stressing things if I'm careful