Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Rainy Day in the Great North Along the ALCAN

**you might want to go to the bottom of the page to read the 'catch up' post I did... just before this'un... if you want it in order of "Travel" :o)**

Now first... let me say... it ain't been rainin' on me all day every day... just if I'm awake... or I take my rain gear off! :o) ... I've maybe rode, oh, a hundred miles without it on in the last 6 days... at least my Frog Toggs rain gear, actually works. :o)

Luckily, I've gotten a couple breaks in the last couple days for the puttin' up and takin' down of my tent... I'm gettin' pretty good at bein' quick in that lil' window of opportunity. :o)

Second... there's some of you folks who don't believe my warnings 'bout Ninja rabbits... hitchhiking mice and other such critters... but let me pass on this'un. Your survival might could depend on it!

When you're pickin' out your tent for Your great northern tour... make sure you get one built out of kevlar. It's the Only material guaranteed to stop Alaskan Skeeters from gettin' into your tent on their nightly asssaults.

And... buy your "Cutter" or "Off" bug repellent in the bulk gallon cans... and apply it with a weed sprayer... 

I cheaped out and bought my tent built of nylon. These suckers came through that the other night, like butter through a goose! The only thing that saved my life, and allowed me to subdue 'em... was my bad breath and some long unused Army Training!

The Doctor said I can take out my stitches... next week!

But, once the battle was done... and the first aid rendered... I put the bike on the Open Road and rolled on south... It was hard most of the time to collect any decent pictures... the leaden skies just interfered with my Arteest Eye...

They allowed me back across the Canadian Frontier to continue rolling south without any searches or other indignities... 

Struggling with the bad picture taking weather... I managed to make a picture or two as I traveled... I see fabulous views everywhere I look. Grey skies or not...

Something that's come to me in all this... is that though it's wet and rainy, and pretty durn cool, running as far as I'm running in this sort of weather... the beauty ain't lacking... just my ability to capture it in a camera.

That, and the fact, the country is just so gloriously HUGE... I'm having trouble trying to translate that into a tiny lil' photograph to post here... Nothing I put here can do it justice... and no way can a week or two... moving through this Northland, allow Anyone to say; "I've seen Alaska"... or; "I've seen the Yukon."

Sorry folks... if you haven't come back here several times... for months of time... I'd have to say, ya'll can't have Seen enough to have more than a sliver of a taste... It is a Magnificent land.

I wish I had more time... to just sit in a place and watch the personality of a spot change though the day... and through the days... maybe next year... with the rig... where we can wait out the rain...

This day, Sunday, landed me, back in Watson Lake... where I'm laying up in what's the old U.S. Army pilot quarters, from 1942, all shined up and reworked as a motel... wind, rain and weariness pushed me inside tonight. :o) ... think I'm gettin' old! That... and the fact I really wanted to get a post or two done up.

I've rolled this part coming south in just about three times the amount of time I covered it going up... and seen places I'd kind of like to take even longer on our return... when I'll have the rig... and we can day trip out with the Raider... or the truck if it's... RAINING! :o)

Tomorrow I'll be back into British Columbia... bound for somewhere around FT Nelson maybe... hoping for better picture taking weather! ... though... as I work south I'm getting a lot closer to the fires in southern British Columbia... I heard a report they've got something like 400! started in the last week... the Cassiar Hwy is closed 'cause of it... so I'm going back down the ALCAN to Prince George, the way I came up...

I guess I shouldn't complain about rain... some folks are likely prayin' for it!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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1 comment:

Sharlotte said...

Brian, my friend, thank you for my laugh this morning. Your battle with the mosquitoes almost made me spew my coffee all over my computer. The companionship you found on the campground happens all the time with my women RV club when we have our get togethers. We are having one in Ark. at Petit Jean in September. Ladies from all over the US meeting for the first time and having a dang good time. If you are anywhere close around come on down and let us show you what fun we have at these get togethers.
Glad you are on your way south, have enjoyed the trip. As far as the bears go, I wish they would just sleep all the time.
Keep it safe on the way home, keep posting those pictures.