Friday, August 6, 2010

The Reality of Alaska... Kind of Gets in the Way of "Plans"

My original plan was to spend maybe as many as ten days of this circle... in Alaska...

But... when it started raining east of Anchorage... and the weatherman just predicts the same for the foreseeable future... I chose to just keep on moving... there's always  Next time... which is supposed to be, next year... with our rig...


***Mountains snow covered in August... Raging rivers (this is a small one) Bears, Salmon, Moose and 
hundreds of miles of intimidating solitude***

This is one place that having the rig along... and day touring out with the Motorcycle would be about perfect... a hell of a lot easier to wait out the weather in my fiver... than, caged up for days in a three man tent... in the rain... wondering if you've been in one place long enough so that some sorry Yogi is starting to mistake your lil' butt for a snack!

So... I'm back in Tok, doin' laundry... I'll find a place to make camp for tonight, and then start working back down the Alcan in the morning... Technically, since I came out of Delta Junction, I'ver already started the southward trip.

I believe I'll pass on the Cassiar Hwy going down as well... fires had it closed several times coming up... I'd just as soon not deal with that! :o)

I'm not much concerned with the things I'm Not seeing this trip... there's so much up here... I ain't ever gonna see it all... so I just enjoy that which I am gettin'... and workin' to get a sense of the real beauty in the Country I am passing though... not just tally up a bunch of Place Names and Tourist Traps...

I've left Jasper and the Kenai for Heidi and I to do together... two Place Names I'm sure she'll want to wander through.

Nigh on to 2000 miles of Yukon and British Columbia lays between me and the U.S. Border... just haven't decided where I'll cross back over... I'm leaning toward my original thought which was over by Vancouver and into Washington... we'll see where the Open Road leads me...

Riding my Raider, on the Pacific Coast Highway... is still callin' to me... John Muir once said; "The mountains are calling to me, and I must go"... and I can hear that coastal road, calling to me...

But, that decision is days... and many miles if gorgeous country away from being made...

Today I'll just enjoy the short break in the rain I've got right now... and ride the road in front of me.

I cross the  border tomorrow, back into Canada for a week or so... and the trouble of WiFi... I'll post if I can find it... and catch up when I cross back and have service again... if I can't

Grab Your Handles and Ride!
Brian (somewhere on the Alaskan Highway)

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Shadowmoss said...

If you come down I5 near Tacoma, WA, give a shout. A place to stay is available.

Barry and Linda said...

Next year try leavin' in June. We were told by a resident in May, that we should hot foot it up there to miss the late July & August rainy season. Ride safe.

Brian said...

Shadowmoss... no contact #? send me an email by the "Contact form" on my website?