Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Northern Bikers Heaven... Winter on the Desert

This will be the first winter we'll spend down on the Desert... in something like 25 years...

I grew up down on the Arizona desert... and though it's not the same place I left a long time ago... it'll do!

Not having to bury myself under four or five layers... and deal with the punishment of riding a motorcycle through another Colorado Winter... is something I think I'll have lil' difficulty gettin' adjusted to!

What with Arizona bein' something like a third larger than Colorado... there's no shortage of good roads. If the weather up north is bad?... ride down through the Sonoran Desert in the south. When the weather is good above? Take a run up to Sedona... or east a ways over to Payson below the Mogollon Rim.

*Cruiser Motorcycles in the Arizona Desert in the Winter*
 Sunday, we took a ride up NE of Phoenix, to Bartlett Reservoir... and it was easy to tell that the Winter, is Riding Season in Arizona.

I didn't keep a count... but I'm pretty sure there were as many, if not more bikes makin' that Sunday ride, as cars. Harleys, BMW, 'wings... you name it... quite a few duals... though I was surprised to see so few straight up sport bikes...

* Riding a Motorcycle in December... in shirt sleeves... in Arizona! HooYa!*

I'm guessing they must have a road, somewhere, with tighter twists in the asphalt.

But... bottom line? If you're weary, already of snow, ice and cold in that part of the country north of 75 degrees... move your butt... and your bike south! :o)

I do believe I've figured out the trick to "Winter Motorcycle Riding"...

Do your riding ... in Arizona! :o)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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