Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not yet 30,000 miles, and Already Time for an Overhaul?

I've been riding my Raider for almost a year now. Put a lot of miles on her riding through the tail end of our last winter ... or early spring in Colorado... Straddled her up the Alaskan Highway and back...

... put her tires on the ground, rolling along the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon... Leaned through the twisties of Northern California and Yosemite... I've run her on the desert roads of Arizona this winter...

I've done a little customizing, to tune her to my likes, but nothing radical, and some of them, truly a compromise to make the back seat a mite more comfortable for the female side of this family.

Now... as that Star Raider and I start into our second spring together... my Likes... seem to be changing.

Though I'm one of the few who apparently like the lines of the stock pipes, they get in the way of mounting saddlebags for ease of packing gear for touring.... and I've come around, anyway, to wanting to change out the leather bags I have now... for fiberglass, hard bags... painted to match... and painted to show off! :o)

So... no idea when or how I'll fit these motorcycle mods into my anemic budget... considering we're planning on hauling the whole dang rig (fifth wheel and Raider) back to Alaska this year... :o) but...

I am planning on some major re-working of my most treasured ride.

From motorcycle exhaust pipes and motorcycle saddlebags ... to a full, custom paint scheme...hell... maybe I'll even turn 180 degrees away from a nekkid bike... and add a fairing! :o) ... that'd have me eating some crow feathers!

Guess I better get to work and sell some more books huh? :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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1 comment:

kerry said...

Brian ..talking fairing and hard saddle bags......i will not only supply the crow feathers Brian i will supply the whole crow! lol