Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Am a Free Ridin', Raider Lovin', RVin' Man

The Only Problem is... I took too long to realize... THIS... is the way I should have been living... a long, long time before now!

I live full time, and do my writing, in a fifth wheel. (The writing being a large and growing chunk of my income)

A good part of the time, my "home" is parked in National Forest Campgrounds, Corps. of Engineer camps, or BLM Campgrounds. The rest of the time... you'll find it tucked up in some dispersed camp, boondocked in Far Country.
*Raider Motorcycle in a RV Boondocking Camp!*
Now, I'm not old enough, yet, for the "Senility Discount" ... uh... I mean "Golden Age" passport ... but, I am the holder of a "Golden Access" card... due to the disability rating I have from the U.S. Army... something about my butt and the ground trying to occupy the same space at the same time...

... the ground won that argument... and... you might could say my spine got a lil' unexpected customizing. The result being that when we're wandering, I can get us into those campgrounds half price. I don't know that walking funny sometimes is worth the discount :) ... but I'll take it!

Still... the price of those dispersed camps, being FREE... are that much better... and keeps maybe five or nine bucks a day, in my pocket when we're bushed up somewhere on public ground. That and the solitude, back here in the woods, is something I value, as highly as my Raider... So, I tend to prefer those places, when I can find good ones.

I do have my standards though :) I pretty much require two or three things when I'm hunting up one of those "Dispersed Biker camps"

... First, since the internet makes access possible, to that large and growing part of my income, I need to have enough signal to run my air card... or at least have it fairly close by so I can run and do my "electronic chores" regularly.

... Second, while most others search for Shady camps... I need a sunny spot to keep my Solar Panels charging my batteries... so I don't have to run that generator!

... and third, though I do prefer to be "Back-O-beyond"... my Raider requires that I'm not TOO far off the pavement, and the road in ain't TOO awful and nasty... That Raider is an Awesome machine... but... a dirt bike she ain't! :)

Most times she rides into camp still up on the truck.

Makes her a lil' self conscious. She gets all twisted up, if she thinks folks are lookin' on her as a trailer queen! :) "I've rumbled up the Alcan! and wallowed through miles of mud, to get home, back in Nunn!" she squalls!

What can I say. When your house is on have to make concessions when you move the "House". That bike may have to spend some time on the truck... but, a trailer Queen she ain't... and has the Hail dings to prove it! :)

This camp, She was on the ground already for the ride to Al's Motorcycle, down in Hamilton, for a fresh back tire... uh... maybe ya noticed the strong need for that in the picture? :)

Our scouting found us a real good camp, only a bit over a mile off the pavement... and the road a pretty clean logging road/access... so it'll work fine.

This is a pretty good way to live and Tour on a motorcycle. The Best... Was my mistake to NOT have done this a long, long time ago! It sure beats trying to chase the "Conventional" American Dream...

You don't have to be rich neither! The  low cost accomodations, living in an Old fiver, parked in Free dispersed camps, sure fits my poor boy budget...

... and having a warm dry camp, no matter what the weather is... is fine! :)

Though... if the weather would just become a lil' more accomodating for riding... and shut off the freakin' rain for a while, I wouldn't complain!

For a person who wants to "Live Motorcycle"... I can't think of a better way then parking your Motorcycle along side an RV that suits you. Gives you a warm, dry, always there, "base camp" from which to tour the area you're in...until the urge strikes to move your riding to a new Motorcycle Roads!
Think about it... Find a way to live Free... with ever more time to...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

Okay when I first saw 'raider lovin'' I thought you meant the Oakland Raiders.

I like camping on BLM land whenever possible- you can have a cmpfire and shoot guns.