Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally! The first of my "New" Motorcycle Videos...

... and a lil' bit of an inauguration of my Motorcycle Vlogging effort...

It's nothin' fancy, for sure and for certain... and actually... it's not just one... I've got three uploaded!

I made about an hour and a half ride several days back... then it took me those several days... to fight my way through a software education... and when your brain is as soft as mine... that can be a painful experience!

Thing is... when most folks only want to watch a maybe a 5 minute video... or Motorcycle Vlog... I went and left the camera running... on the way over... and all the way back... so... considering that I can pretty much talk until the battery goes dead... It gave me plenty of material to practice up on editing with! :)

Now... I cut 'em off at 9 minutes or so... and I'm gonna work hard at tightening things up some more... but what can I say? I've got a lot to learn! :)

So... give a look see at some of what I've done... and feel free to send me some feedback... either right here... or... in comments on you tube... I still have to calculate how and where to fit the videos into the blog/site... but... for the time being, if you search for drifter50038 on you tube, you'll find everything I've kicked out to that point.

Now, again, All your comments are Highly regarded. Only way I can learn, is by folks tellin' me what they like... and what they don't... so give a fella a hand at learnin'... OK?

Just... be gentle... You know I'm a sensitive Ol' Buster. :)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

the video turned out pretty good Brian.... nice to see you back on your motorcycle again... i was getting worried about you there for abit...with all the pictures of flowers im camping right now , have been for the last week or so and will be back home around the 17th and i will send you a video that i saw to give us some ideas on our upcoming old guys road trip.
keep between the ditches my friend Kerry

Brian said...

well gee Kerry! Ya'll don't think bikers should get caught sniffin' purty flowers huh? :)

There's still a little too much wind noise... but, that's the helmets fault... the visor won't lock down, so it leaks... fixing that is gonna have to wait on a new helmet... or, more duct tape!

Anonymous said...

when you walked over by that cliff with the cam on.... my stomach got queezy lol