Saturday, July 9, 2011

Along the Road to the Black Hills

We took off this morning about 9AM. With none of the three of us caring for riding the Interstate we kept to the Secondaries from Seeley Lake through Helena to turn south and stop for the night in Big Timber.

A good prime rib sandwhich and a Rolling Rock Beer at the Timber Bar in Big Timber has me ready for bed. :)

I can't say that any part of Montana is un-attractive... but, for a biker, much of the eastern 2/3 or so of the state can get pretty monotonous.

After winding through some awful pretty country, once we got east of White Sulphur Springs, the road drops down and really straightens out... You start hitting some considerable stretches where you wish the road builders had just turned their equipment once in a while, if only to break up the no monotony :)

But that's OK... just south of here is a sweet road... for tomorrow.

In the morning we'll ride a short ways on I-90 to get east to Columbus where we'll cut south again for Red Lodge and Beartooth pass.

Today was a fine ride... and tomorrow will be another. It's good to be a biker.

Grab your Handles and Ride

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