Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cruising From Cody to Devils Tower

We got up to sunny skies after a deluge the night before... But Kerry had picked a good motel so our bikes were sitting under the overhead in front of the office when the skies opened up :)

How-some-ever... just to keep our egos in line... we took the wrong road out of Cody... Supposed to be heading for Powell, Lovell and the Medicine Wheel on top of the Bighorn Mountains on Alt. 14... we... found ourselves running thirty miles out on plain old Hwy. 14, toward Greybull... oops.

But that's not lost on a motorcycle... it's just Exploring!

And anyways... it's no big deal... you just take the Hwy. 32 cutoff back north and hit the right road at Lovell.

You climb up a steep grade that even a motorcycle notices :) and just after you top out is the Medicine Wheel... Only... this year, there was so much snow you still can't get to it... 'less you've got more ambition on foot than us guys. 

*Near the Medicine Wheel atop the Bighorns*
That snow bank you can see over Kerry's shoulder sits right across the mile and a half road you have to walk to get to the wheel. Forest service fella says you can walk on out... "But if anything happens to you crossing that drift... and you fall off the mountain... it ain't our fault!: ....

... yeah... so we decided we'd just put our behinds back on the bikes and roll the three miles back to the pavement :)

*going back down the Medicine Wheel access road*
... and then... you get to the east side of the Mountains where they drop off into Dayton... and Oh Baby... a sweet ride...

... So... I'd show you the whole deal... 'cept... some idiot was havin' so much fun chasing Daryl's Goldwing through those twisties on his Raider, dancin' back and forth from tight lefts, flipping straight into hard rights... that the guy with the camera trigger... forgot to pull it! :)

... so all I got, once I woke up and pushed the dang button, is the bottom third or so... where the corners had widened up a bit... but still a sweet ride!

***so...48+ hours... and the music is finally there... ***

When you get down, just as you come into Dayton, on the left side is a lil' bar and grill... which called to the three old guys rollin' past... so we wheeled in there for a bit of cool brew and some good conversation with another set of Bikers out of Idaho.

The day was stretching long, and we had miles to go... so it was back on the scooters, twist the throttles, and put it back in the wind, bound for Devils Tower...

... Straight into a hard, quartering, sidewind out of Gillette... that drained my kiester dry all the way to the tower...

We did manage to roll in, just 'fore dark and get our camp set... in a grassy meadow campground at the KOA...

A cold brew with some 'Biker Yarning' around the fire made a good end to a fine day.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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