Monday, July 4, 2011

Gonna be Making a Motorcycle Touring Ride Through the Black Hills in a Couple Days... What Have You Been Up To?

We've been occupying the camp we're in, for two weeks and more... so today, the 4th of July we're gonna break camp and move up to somewhere NE of Missoula, likely around Seeley Lake.

My thinkin' is... all the long weekend folks will be packin' up and goin' home today... so... the camp we're intending to use... should be emptyin' out... Let's hope my calculatin' ain't faulty! :)

There's a lil' pressure on 'cause I'll be takin' off for an Old Guys Ride to the Black Hills... Wednesday or Thursday... as soon as I get word from the guys I'm meeting... when and where I'll be linkin' up with 'em! :)

... and since we've been in this Boondocking camp a touch over the maximum allowed :) we can't just stay here... Have to move!

... and, since I'll be gone for a week or so... I gotta set the rig for herself and the dogs to hang with some convenience... for the time I'll be in the wind...

In the mean time, while I'm off wandering around on my Raider... and hopefully finding a fine new Motorcycle road or two... have you got any of your own? or maybe a story about your favorite bike?... Maybe you'd like to share your own motorcycle philosophy?

For sure and for certain, there's other riders who want to hear your opinion, be it Bikes, Roads or the "Way" you live. You can share a picture and a story of that with other readers here...

But, for now... I've got to get back to work, gettin' ready to move this camp... and get my gear together for this coming ride...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to your videos- some of us are taking our motorcycles and going camping in western South Dakota in early August- so you can preview the scenery for me

Erik R said...

Enjoy your time in South Dakota. You have a few good weeks of riding before it starts to fill up with people attending the Sturgis Rally. Three weeks ago I spent a few days in Custer, SD. I met some friends and we spent a lot of time riding in the hills. I'll be going back again in a few weeks with more friends. We'll be camping in Belle Fourche. It will be my 20th trip to SD. Ride Safe.

Brian said...

No Name; Hoping to be able to create a decent video or two from the ride :)

Erik... Nice post in the "Great Roads" from readers section! Many Thanks! Yeah... I think I want to be "Out" of Sturgis by then :) Though... the Black Hills are pretty much always a beautiful ride.