Friday, July 13, 2012

Making Progress on My Tsukayu Saddlebag Install

The only real obstruction is we're parked in Fort Collins and the bike is in my kid's garage way down in Northglenn... about a 75 mile commute. ;)

A pretty efficient way to do a saddlebag installation! It adds juuuuust a mite to the cost of a custom saddlebag installation! :)

But I am making progress on it.

*New pipes and Old Saddlebags*
*New Tsukayu Saddle bags on and waiting for Paint*

*Old Bags and Plate Placement*
*New Bags and Plate Placement*

The bags have been mounted to test fit and placement. They'll come back off today to prep for painting... as soon as I work out the wiring placement and a few other lil' odds and ends.

I did a mediocre job of shaving that factory plastic bit that carries the plate and turn signals... That's what happens when you have a brain fart and you start cutting on the wrong side of your scribe line! :) It will go back on today. The saving grace is that the "rough" part of my mod will be tucked up under the fender... but... sheesh! what a squibb move.

With those bags set a couple inches lower and tighter to the fender... and all that junk NOT hanging off the fender... To MY eye it looks MUCH better! It's gonna perform far better for my Long Rides to boot!

* Easy access bags will be SWEET on the Road!*

I discovered a secondary function of the Tsukayu Designed Motorcycle Saddlebags... With the gas cylinder lid lift system they make pretty fair Air Brakes! :) Get too crazy on the throttle of that big 113 cid V-Twin and you'll need all the help you can pulling that big Yamaha back down below the sound barrier... :))

That original cast aluminum chromed back rest has been sold and will ship out in a couple of days. It's replacement is a steel  powder coated unit that is "lighter in appearance and is going to fit into the whole design scheme a lot better.

The bags are to be painted Tomorrow morning by my Son-in-law... They'll be a version of Yamaha metallic grey with a matte finish... the idea is to match the engine case/frame color...

Gotta head for Denver... again... and pick up some wiring bits along the way... so I'm in the wind again... though this time behind a dodge windshield.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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