Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Live Like You Are Dying"

 Words of a song...

It happens often. You get caught up in the trivial, day-to-day meaningless drivel... and lose sight of the things that are important.

You worry about debts, and water heaters, and the neighbors barking dog... and burn up the energy to just walk out to the garage, gear up and ride! The dark mood imposed on you by the noise of this world depresses you into hermiting yourself away in darkness.

The weight and endless drone of all that useless noise in your head makes you forget that... that simple act... Getting on and Riding...  helps return the universe to balance. It restores the light in your eyes... and the calm in your soul.

No one knows how... No one can explain it with words... it just... IS.

*some Hack riders made me feel foolish*

We were coming back from Sedona a few evenings ago... had just pulled into camp late that afternoon. It was cool and we didn't figure we'd stay long in the area... so I'd left the bike on the truck.

The hack in the picture above rolled down the ramp behind us and passed us headed south. It's not hard. I take it pretty easy on that old dodge... and its $4 diesel! ;)

But... it made me feel kinda puny... protecting my gentle self, who has rode through Colorado winters... from the "Cool" of an Arizona December. Made me realize how easy it is to miss a LOT!

You have to reach out and grab it now. If not NOW... WHEN? It slides by so fast... and you never know in this twisted world when some sick bastard is gonna rip it all away from you...

Reach out Now. Today!

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Trobairitz said...

A good reminder to live in the moment as we don't always have control over tomorrow.