Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Short Loop is Sometimes All That's Needed to Clear Your Head

I rolled down the mile of two track to the pavement below camp. Another mile took me to Hwy 72 that passes through the dusty lil' town of Bouse.

A short detour was required to a fuel pump back in town. I thought it best to pump enough fuel to shut off the low fuel light than risk the 40 plus mile roll to Parker on reserve.

Once the tank was replenished I rolled up on the highway. With a light twist of the throttle that big 113 cubic inch V Twin rumbled us up to 70 mph long before I caught fifth gear and we split the wind headed for Parker along the Colorado river.

We didn't even stop in town, just rolled by the south end and crossed the bridge over the Colorado. That thing has been under reconstruction for a couple of years. Not sure why the work is going so slow, or if they have any intention of it ever being completed but the Raider carried me across and we turned north up the west side of the river.

It's a nice roll through there, even if the pavement is in poor condition and laced with tar snakes. The road winds along through dry hills on the west and RV parks and campgrounds set along the banks of the Colorado.

You have to pay a lil' attention to things through there as a good number of fair sized wild donkeys call the area home. I've ridden that road several times and prior to this ride only had to dodge the piles of leavings from the abandoned miner's partners.

This time, one lone jackass was drifting down the center line of the roadway as I came around a left hand sweeper. Yup... you might want to keep your speed down in there! :)

The north end of my short 80 plus mile loop was made crossing Parker Dam.

A fine bike on a winding road on a sunny day... It don't get a whole lot better.

Once across the dam I dropped off along the river road going south for a short ways before moving back up onto Hwy 95 heading back south returning through Parker. Made a quick refuel stop at Terribles before turning back into heavy traffic going east.

There's a big off road race running this weekend in the desert east of Parker. The town and whole area is filled up with the competitors and fans of the high dollar off road racing rigs... so the run back to Bouse was more of a slow commuter cruise than a free in the wind ride. ;)

But then, any day on the scooter in the sun is a good day.

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Trobairitz said...

Riding in the sunshine sounds so nice right about now. Thanks for sharing your ride and sunny pictures.

05450x said...

I have to agree with the last comment. Sunshine and warm weather. What would it be like? You're living my dream.