Sunday, July 14, 2013

She Rides Out in a Star Spangled Rodeo...

... and teaches me the meaning of Cowboy Up. The meaning of the word GUTS.

I have been blessed with a most precious and special friend.

The lady is a barrel racer. Now, there's lots of "barrel racers" out there, just as there's lots of "cowboys". You've seen the sort; Big hat, Silver buckle, beer swilling blowhards regaling all the girls with stories of how bad and wild they are.

"Cowboys" that have never gotten closer to a herd of cows than the 14th row of the theater watching the latest western.

This precious barrel racing friend is a HORSEWOMAN. A genuine, tee total, double rectified, Barrel Racer. She has yet to achieve her dream, to ride out at the NFR in Vegas. She hasn't got there yet, but she's young, she's skilled, she's strong and the sheer guts and determination she shows with each day just makes my heart ache with admiration of her.

She hasn't gotten there yet, but for her ultimate victory there is no question. Only, when that day will come.

The thing is, she wasn't born with a silver spoon... or even nickle. She has no backing, no support, no sponsors. All she has to carry her on is her own personal belief.

When she set off to battle against the others with their $20,000 High Grade mounts, supported by rich families with deep pockets and "Connections" where simple transportation and lodging wasn't even a thought let alone a concern... she started her ride with a small, greenbroke mare out of Nebraska. To most, nothing special... just another horse.

What she paid for that mare wouldn't feed that $20,000 high grade for a year. But this woman could see the promise... she could sense the heart in the animal.

For her choice, she was belittled.

Competing against those others she hasn't the silver spoon to ease her way... she's had to labor, and still does... with the "plastic spoon" the world handicapped her with.

She's been knocked down by betrayers and blockers... Yet she keeps going.

She was ridiculed for the "little Horse" she brought to a horse race... yet with quiet pride she and that little horse have already beaten MOST of the others and just about all of the loud mouth ridiculers... and she keeps going. The detractors are a lot more quiet now.

She struggles to find the transportation to get to races, while her competition hitches up their $90,000+ rigs without a thought... yet she gets there... and beats their scores in the process, in spite of her struggle.

She's run "Against the Wind", hobbled by not only a Lack of support from friends and family, but, in deed, their active emotional obstruction... and She's gone on to enter, in my estimation, the Top Level of Horsewomen in spite of that.

What's this got to do with Scooters?

Everyone has a dream. Most leave them on the shelf. They'll live their lives with that knot of sorrow eating at their guts; because they made the mistake of listening to the friends, the family, the ridiculers.

They allow themselves to be hobbled by accepting as fact another's denigration of their dreams and their abilities... They allow their own, internal Belief in Their Own Self Worth to be stolen by the callous disregard of people who's only real ambition is to hold back anyone who might TRY.

For if those who TRY... Succeed... It shines a great Glorious light on The base Cowardice of the blockers and betrayers.

You have a dream? A challenging ride you want to make? A Motorcycle you want to build? A business? A hunger in your soul? Anything? Do - IT!

Don't listen to the nay sayers. Ignore the family and friends who surrender to their own fear and work to block your road. Smile, wave... and... Go around them! LIVE people. LIVE your LIFE!

Do it now. Do it Today. Tomorrow may never come.

What's the worst that can happen? You can fail and have to start over. Yet even in that failure you succeeded. YOU tried. While the others lay wallowing in their fear, making excuses and going nowhere... YOU summoned your courage, you went out chasing your dreams and YOU Tried. You have bragging rights to something They ~ Never ~ Will.

Follow the lead of that inspiring friend that holds my feet to the fire... and summon the courage to TRY.

Grab Your Handles and Ride.


Trobairitz said...

Good on her for following her dreams.

A whole different meaning to "never let anyone tell you what to ride".

Brian said...

Trobairitz; She's a hell of a Lady, and thinking you can tell her what to ride is a sure way to get an education!