Wednesday, November 20, 2013

He Wants to Escape... As If That Were a Bad Thing

Roll me Away ... A song that still touches my soul... forty years later.

 ...I've been told that climbing on a bike and Riding Away is Escapism...

The lies told about Escape could fill a book... They're all based on one, single, false, accusation. "He's a Quitter." ... "He's a weakling, he's got no guts."

"You just want to escape" is a slur thrown as an accusation of weakness of character meant to humiliate the poor bastard into submission; "You're trying to escape from Your responsibilities. You only want to escape from reality, You made choices and now you're only trying to escape from the consequences..."

Well DUH! Of course he is!  Reality often sucks, and eventually, even a strong man comes to learn that Running Against the Wind is an exercise in Futility. The wind always wins.

... There are all sorts of variations. The sad thing is most people are so un-thinking they just routinely accept the propagandized slur as bad. As long as it's the party line (and it's that "party line" that's the main problem)... the actual actions of the person involved, and their motivations, are never weighed.

All that's remembered is; "He quit. I've got no use for a quitter."

Context is NEVER part of the process... The "Bunch Quitter" is simply demonized. The man who "stays the course" ... though it eats his liver and soul, is Immortalized as the hero...

... while the one who had the spleen to wave good bye and step off into the unknown to find his joy is ridiculed as the fool by those timid souls left behind...


A person finds themselves living in a situation that one way or another is abusive, emotionally, physically or spiritually; Of COURSE they want to escape!

If you're in a building on fire, is ESCAPE not the sensible thing? If you are in a relationship; business, personal or otherwise, that is consuming the essence of you, consuming your spirit and joy... and fighting to make it work ~ has failed, time after time ~ is ESCAPE not the reasonable action?

If you're slaving at a job that injects an aching dread into your guts, that is sucking the life out of your soul, each and every morning as you approach the front door... is ESCAPE from that servitude not the self preserving action you SHOULD TAKE?

If you are a prisoner held against your will, no matter how long it's taken for that Will to come to be, is not ESCAPE the natural, healthy goal of any Creature?

If you've made choices along the road of life, which subsequently turned out to be very, very wrong for you; not evil, not abusive, not morally wrong... simply misguided, bad judgements based on missed perceptions or the misleading, misinformation provided to you...

...if after a good long while and heavy effort to "Tough it out and make those choices work" the clarity of their wrongness for you was made un-deniable;

If after all of that came clear to you... Wouldn't it be foolish to sustain the consequences of those choices in place, simply because you once made them? Simply because others disagree? (and isn't THAT, the imposed opinions of others, generally THE problem in the first place?)

Isn't it wrong to NOT take action to infuse a light into your life, rather than ESCAPE from the consequences of those wrong decisions and START OVER?

That old cliched saying comes to mind; "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is STOP DIGGING."

Escape. More often than not, IS the adult, honorable and Right Choice.
It's Never too late to try again...

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Learning to Golf said...

This post makes me think of two words.....Scotty Kerekes. Scooter Tramp Scotty is how I first discovered Scotty. If someone doing their own thing is being a quitter, Scotty is the ultimate quitter!! Former husband, roofing contractor, American dream chaser….he ditched it all to live for the past 20+ years from the seat of his Harley, Betsy. I am sending a couple of links to introduce you to this quitter.

Trobairitz said...

I always thought to escape was a good thing. It is a shame society can be made to think the opposite.

Hermits have no peer pressure - just sayin'.

Thanks for the Seger ear worms too. Great music.

Unknown said...


I think the degree to which you are able to Escape would depend upon where you are in your life (cycle), and also where you live and then there are those financial concerns

Riding the Wet Coast

Brian said...

AHD; Damn am I proud of myself for getting you to think those two words! :)awesome links... Many Thanks! HooYa!

Tobairitz; I'm rapidly leaning toward hermitization ;) Seger and the wind in my face are the best treatment for what ails me that I've found yet :)

Bob; You commented a short while back that we seem to think alike...and that thinking is how I usually start talking myself out of some truly good Ideas! ;) but I'm working on it! :)

Erik R said...

I have the lyrics to Roll Me Away on the side bar of my blog, it's one of my favorites!
It seems like the older I get, more I just want to be left alone, and the fewer people I want to deal with. Or maybe, I only want to be around people "I" want to be around.
It's getting to be that the best vacations are solo motorcycle trips!

Unknown said...


I've been working on Escaping for a few years now since my first solo trip to Oregon back around 2007. I started small. A few days here and there, then I escalated to a week, then a couple of weeks. I was trying to balance family, work and limited vacation time.

Then after a couple of years I brought up the idea of this being my yearly motorcycle ride and where I was planning to go "next year"

I then took it to the next level. This past summer I rode across the Continent deciding to start taking unpaid vacation time. It was the first time I really felt free. I allowed 6 weeks and I went with the flow as best as I was able considering that I also had to meet a few riders along the way. It was so nice to be able to stay an extra day or divert and change my route on a whim.

My next Escape is already in the planning stages. I don't think I could live the lifestyle of a drifter but I could manage it for a few months at a time and then return to my home base

Riding the Wet Coast

Brian said...

Bob; It ain't escape if you're just following somebody else. Just changing to a new master. Each fella's escape has to be his own... truth be known, a few months with a base where a guy could "refit". do maintenance, yadda yadda... sounds pretty darn fine... then again... somebody else is gonna have a totally new spin on it... and THAT is the key I think... each person has their own "spin" on what lights their imagination, and how they define Freedom.

Sash Johnson said...

Brian my dear, dear friend,

Run. I saw this as seriously and solemnly as I possibly can. Your spirit will not rest until you do.

In the long quiet night, the roaring helmet days, your truth will come.

I was told I must end the abuse (inflicted by my mother in our continuous relationship) before I could begin to heal. I ended my marriage, my relationships with most of my family of origin, and all painful friendships. I found a friend in Steve and like two lost children, we ran together.

Never misunderstand ~ we each ride our own ride, travel our own personal journey, struggle with our own demons and seek our own goals. We are traveling buddies, but neither leads. We share the same space but not the same run.

Do it.