Monday, November 11, 2013

No Matter What... That Never Ending Road Keeps Stretching Out to the Horizon

Left the Montana Beet Harvest behind. Detoured in Denver for tires on the rig and a short visit and then on to Avondale to work the NASCAR race...

That ended last night. This morning I'll get Sonja Loaded for a short ride moving camp to Glendale.

The "job" stuff is done for a while... a couple of days of maintenance chores to catch up on here in Phoenix... then it's back out to the Far Country where I belong.

Back to that ribbon of highway... the wide open views that let a man's spirit expand... and the quiet camps where I can sift through the kaleidoscope spinning in my head and string the words of my next Novel together! ;)

The future is foggy... I can hear "noises" of change... but can't make out what they are. I ride with a sharp awareness and a keen sense of something in the air... It'll be what I planned - or it will be something else...

Ha ha... plans... for years and years I made one after the other... a slow learner I guess.

I always wanted a calm and quiet ride. I've come to realize that you don't usually get what you want.

"Life is what happens while you are making plans".

You have to learn to savor what you get. That's a tough lesson to learn for somebody as stubborn as "some" fellas I know. ;)

Grab Your Handles and Ride

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Sash Johnson said...


I can taste that sense of change to which you refer. You know what to do. Just commit and do it.
I know that moment. . . Highway and I stood on the same cliff, staring into the black abyss called "future". On separate sides of the same canyon, before we were "we", we both took that leap of faith.
Then Road Pickle was born.
Adventure lies beyond certainty.
Let go of what you imagine yourself holding onto so tightly, because truly, it has the hold on you.
Embrace uncertainty. Go Road Pickle.