Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Think that Pendulum I Mentioned Earlier... is Kicking My Ass

The weather has been sweet... and here I am in the Arizona desert... not riding.

Fact is, Sonja has been resting on the back of the truck since she rolled up there when I picked the ol' rig back up after the blown tranny was replaced... some few days ago.

I'd just as soon throw a leg over and twist a throttle, say f$%k it and just go... but... it's kinda hard to do that when you pull off the gas cap and look in there... and the onliest thing you see... is the bottom of the tank.

Some would think that's not a huge problem... you just fill it back up. Buuuuut that there IS the problem. I've discovered that it takes more than my western good looks and amazing virility to claim ownership to a few gallons of gasoline. :-/

So, here I sit... bangin' away at the keyboard, trying to get some paying work done... or some work that has the potential to pay (it used to!) and hope for the best.

Then you pile on top of that, the season I dislike above all others... and... Bleh! I'm tellin' you... sometimes this gettin' down the road in life is a piece of work girls!

All a guy can do... is all he can do. Bang away at the work he knows in the best way he can and see where he ends up.

Just hiding out in the desert... lookin' for a pig to kick.

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Sash Johnson said...

Your day is coming. Those roads will still be there waiting for you.

I love how patient the road is, even when we are not.

Things will work out. Just keep banging away. We've worked more in the last 2 months than we had for most of the year. Long days or writing instead of riding. Hopefully it turns into lots of $$ and more time over the summer to hit the high roads.


Trobairitz said...

One of these days there will be gas in the tank, you'll twist the throttle and wonder what you were worried about.

For now do your writing and enjoy the sunshine.

Brian said...

You gals are good for a wounded ego ;)

Unknown said...


Better to get the writing done now to free yourself up later when summer comes. It was an omen. Whatever will be, will be.

when the gas does flow, less will flow into the bike rather than the truck so the decision as to which one to use is predetermined.

are there any gallons in the truck to be siphoned over ?

Riding the Wet Coast

Brian said...

I like your thinkin' Bob... Which is why I expect to spend the rest of the winter wearin' out this keyboard...

Have to run to the family up in Denver for christmas. I'll likely be pullin' into town with whatever fuel is left in the trucks tank and whatever I had for breakfast in my belly! :) Which is the main reason I ain't been able to run Sonja down here for a bit... ;)

But like they say... spring is comin' and the birth of lots of new hopes!

The ONLY part of what you said I might have a problem with is taking fuel from the truck to feed the bike. I don't know, but I think that Raider of mine would complain if I filled her tank with Diesel :-)