Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Two Hour Job...

That's goin' on two weeks! ha ha ha... Yup... those seals and such are maybe two hours for a "trained professional"... and I'm bumping up on a couple of multiples of that.

Buuuuuut... got a call yesterday afternoon and my bushings are in... so I'll bump along today and see how close I can get to putting her back together!

I can't say I'll have saved any dinero... considering the tools I've bought to do this work... but I am kinda happy to be honest that I'm doing it for other reasons. Somehow I think it's a benefit to have been in there, and know better how things work... and just to refresh the memory that I can still get it done when needed.

... and that kinda gets a guy to thinking 'bout other things.

I wrote on my "other" blog/site that I'm now of that age where folks often make veiled and not so veiled comments that it's time for the "old guy" to start slowing down... "You're too old to be doin' things like that any more..."

Just the thinking of that sentiment... let alone the voicing of it makes my liver quiver. My response is generally something like; "YOU are too old to live maybe... but ME? I'm only too old... when I'm DEAD!"

You ever hear or see anything about this Ol' gal? Gloria is 89 years young. Still twisting the throttle and still hangin' it in the wind.

That's my goal now... and I've got better than a quarter of a century to pass her record by!

Grab Your Handles and Ride


Trobairitz said...

I have heard of Gloria. I always enjoy reading stories about her. Riding helps keep her young i think.

I hear too many stories about people slowing down and relaxing. It seems that is when people really age - when they have nothing to do.

Keep riding, keep smiling. And if all else fails, be too cussed to give up on what you enjoy.

When we can't ride on two wheels anymore, we'll just add one more.

Brian said...

You said it... When people stop "living" (which is what I call it when their first thought is "I'm too old to do this" or "I'm too that" or "I'm too this")... something inside withers and the light goes out.