Sunday, February 28, 2010

No... YOUR Motorcycle Needs a Windshield and a Fairing!

I've got a good friend... who rides a Touring bike... Windshield, fairing, radio... the works.

That Motorcycle works, and works well, for him and his lady...

We can't ride together often enough 'cause we live some 400 miles or so apart... But, when we do and make a stop along the way, as we're walkin' up to the door of some cafe, with me brushin' bugs and such off my jacket he'll say; "If you'd get a windshield you wouldn't have to do that!" :o)

My Reply? ... "Well... it only bothers YOU!" :o)

and that boys N' girls is the answer to a whole lot of questions... Ride what YOU need... NOT... what somebody ELSE tells you ... YOU NEED.

Some folks have got to have that crouched over, screamin' crotch rocket of a sport bike... others the windshield, radio, gps and bags and trunk of a dressed out Touring Bike...

Then... there's the one time workin' cowboys... who only dream of Naked Cruisers...

Uh... the bikes you perverts! :o)

I may not want the type of Motorcycle they ride... it may not toot my whistle... my vision of that Ribbon of Highway may be considerably different but I understand; "Hearing Your Own Drummer", for sure and for certain.

... and I truly understand when they tell me; "I'd never do it that-a-way"...

'Cause I tell 'em; "Great Minds think alike! That's Exactly what I thought... the first time I saw you!" :o)

That FREEDOM... to be who I am... is one of the Greatest Parts of Splittin' the Wind on a Motorcycle that captures my imagination...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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