Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Kind of Motorcycle?

I've been planning, for quite a while, to upgrade my ride to a Star Raider... but... I think that may be seeing a pretty good change...

After 30 years, the Boss Lady suddenly found a desire to ride with me, late last summer... and I'm finding it pretty sweet!...

Now... let's face it... if she and I were 19... I might get away with her all folded up on the tail of a Raider...

But... 19 we ain't... might be that we're refusing to "act our age" :o) ... but our Ol' carcasses ain't gonna see it that way... So... I'm tipping on the edge of compromising and have started lookin' at Star Stratoliners... and Roadliners.

I'd like, sometime in the near future... to still put a Hot, performance cruiser in my Outfit... but just now?... I'm thinking that the best choice for me/us... all things considered, is gonna be a Road Bike... built for two up...

... and it's not like a Stratoliner or Roadliner is some sort of a pup... they are 113 cubic inches of Sweet Touring Motorcycle!

We were joking yesterday that maybe what we need is Three Suh-Wheet! Touring Motorcycles! Hers... Mine... and OURS! :o) Now That there is something that can sure tickle my fancy...

Can you think of anything sweeter than pullin' the door of your Motorcycle Shed open and having three, Sweet, Cruiser Motorcycles sitting there, beggin' for a ride?

Don't know 'bout you... but the last few weeks have become unadulterated Shining Times for this Ol' Motorcycle Ridin' Cowboy! :o)

If they ain't... I'm hopin' they turn that way for you... soon!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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