Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yamaha Raider Fuel Economy - Is Still Better Than I expected

Been Riding that Raider for a few weeks now... thousand or so miles on it... At least what I put on! ;o) ...

I'd been expecting my fuel consumption, from everything I'd read and heard 'bout the cruiser, to be down in the mid to high 30's... the first tank calculated out at 47 mpg... and they are all just staying right up there.

So far, the fuel consumption has only gone below 40 once. That was on a two up ride, against a good headwind, up to Cheyenne for late breakfast/early lunch that worked out to a bit over 37 mpg... My last fueling was 44 mpg... and I cheated a bit on stuffing fuel in :-) trying to keep it honest... so the actual was a mite higher.

Now, don't think I'm puttin' 'round at 35 miles an hour neither, working to squeeze out some miles. I'm fairly certain that's almost impossible on any Raider... I just don't know anyone that has that much self control! :o) ... and yesterday...  I was a baaaaad cowboy...

Rolled out of the south side of a lil' town south of here, on my way to my 'day' job... twisted the throttle back up to the 65 mph road speed between towns... and then couldn't quit twisting... Uh... I was juuuuuuust a lil illegal when I untwisted that throttle! as in "XXX" ... you count the digits! :o)

Bad or not... I had a big Ol' grin on my ugly mug... I love this Motorcycle!

The point is... I'm riding this sweetheart of a Raider Motorcycle... and her performance is suh-wheet! I'm not gonna complain 'bout anything... unless it's having to actually turn in to the parking lot when I get to that dang day job... rather than... just rollin' me away!

I read on Motorcycle Philosophy the other day an opinion 'bout Motorcycles and Religion... I'd have to agree with him... on most of it... though I can say I am a 'believer' that the Boss exists... I also have to say that, that right there, is a real, personal choice...

And, I've never thought of a Motorcycle as a Shinto Shrine... kind of a sweet concept! gonna have to give that a lil' cogitatin' the next time we're splittin' the wind.

The thing is... it's awful nice to be able to "Ride to Church"... and do it for as little gas as that asphalt munchin', sweet machine drinks!


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