Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Springtime in the Rockies... and Time to Get Our Motorcycles Ready for Summer!

Pulled the trigger on a Bitchn Stitchn motorcycle seat and made an appointment for mid April. They actually build the seat right there and then... while you wait!... at least, I suppose, as long as what you want isn't too radical... and hopefully what I have envisioned, won't be.

But... I like the idea of how they do things... Other places... You order what they have. This place... they take the person who's gonna sit on the seat... sit 'em on the seat. Then, carve and whittle on that seat, with the person there to test out what they've done. They actually fit the motorcycle seat to the butt that's gonna occupy it.

Now That is a custom motorcycle seat! :o)

Heidi is gonna take a Motorcycle Riders Course in either April or May... Not sure how much she actually wants to "Ride her own"... but wants to give it a go... so I started 'familiarizing' her on the V Star, last fall.

I don't intend to teach her myself... at least at first... I just want her to be fairly well familiarized with a bike, before she takes the class... I think she'll be able to get more out of it that way... and avoid the lil' "battles" you can often have between "Him" and "Her" in such matters. :o)

I'm not pushin' one way or the other... It's my belief, that's an un-smart thing to do. Riding a motorcycle is way too personal and intense a choice. A person has to want to ride, and answer the question; "Why Ride?" in their own way and for their own reasons... If I Talked her into it and anything bad happened... I don't want to be the one that badgered someone into something...

That said... I'm looking forward to Splittin' the Wind... Together! :o) Two Stars, Rolling on Freedom Road?... SWEET!

I'm also looking into Bohn Armor... for the both of us. Anybody have any experience to share? I like the idea of it... mostly curious 'bout the durability and long day comfort of it... words from someone, not, connected to their site would be good!

Have to get to work on the V Star for Heidi... She (the bike!) needs some maintenance... 32,000 miles and the forks seem a lil' soft... along with an engine leak that's developed this winter... See! HD's aren't the only motorcycles that need some TLC once in a while!

Still haven't settled on Saddlebags for the Raider... I like the Corbin Fleetliner bags... just can't choke up the price just now... So... and when I think about what 'fits' me... not just the bike, I always seem to come back to a Leather covered, hard bag. I just like that style...

... so... I'm snoopin' 'round for such a bag... and likely ghost type brackets to mount 'em... They'll have to be a smaller size bag... and likely mounted a mite higher than usual, to fit over the stock pipes... That's Ok... I'm a 'smaller' type guy... So my jeans are littler and need less packing space! :o)

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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