Friday, June 25, 2010

Couple of Days Closer... And I Pulled the Trigger...

Gave my Notice at the Day Job Wednesday afternoon. Wasn't really any option. Heidi and I are leaving the 8th for about a two week circle with the rig... to places west and Ouray... That's followed by a month... at least... making my long awaited Alaskan Ride...

The plan, following all that is a lil' foggy... but the thing is... we're leaving. We're heading out, chasing what we started out to do, three years ago... and have been blocked at every turn...

So... I'm sayin' ... To hell with it... we're gone! :o) One way or t'other... we'll find a way to keep gas in the tank and beans on the table... but First... I'm gonna Ride a Raider Motorcycle to Alaska!

The gear ain't ready... the Bike ain't ready... and times a flyin'... but I'm pretty much committed!

Took the bike back to Bitchn Stitchn for its' appointment to have the drivers seat reworked with the custom cover, gel pad... a lil' custom shaping, etc. Want it ready for the coming ALCAN ride.

My saddlebags from Osprey arrived yesterday... While I was riding down to Lakewood. I'll put 'em on next week when I get the bike back.

Then it's tinker with gear and work out how it'll all pack for the ride.

It'll  likely be a similar arrangement to what I used on the V Star. Hell, I may even use the same bags, though I'm still snoopin' around for a tail bag that would work well...

All I know is... the road is callin'... and my gypsy nature is ready to roll... only thing holdin' me from leavin' today... is circumstance.

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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