Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saddlebags for My Raider Motorcycle and other Alaska Ride Preparations are Movin' Along...

The Osprey Ltd. Bags are here... and I think they'll work! Though I won't know for sure, for another few days... The Raider is down in Lakewood getting its' Bitchn Stitchn Custom Seat done... to match the passenger seat I had done a while back... and ready it for the comin' 9000 mile journey!

I wanted a fairly plain Motorcycle Saddlebag... and I wanted Leather, genuine, full grain... REAL, leather... when I went looking for Saddlebags for my Raider...

I also needed 'em to be a bit smaller. Like I said... I'm one of maybe three riders in the world, who actually like the factory pipes on a Raider! :o) ... but, 'cause they run so high... they do take up some space... these bags are just a touch over 12" tall.

I'll have to set 'em a touch higher than usual, to clear the pipes sufficient... but if my calculatin' is right... they'll fit... and if' my visualizin' is workin' too... the lines of the bags will fit... I'm hopeful... 'cause it's gettin' late!

The maker at Osprey Ltd. sent me along some loose conchos to mount... 'cause I wasn't tee total sure where I wanted to put 'em... I really like these conchos.

But... with the bags settin' here... I think I've got that figured out already... I just have to punch the strap mounts on the lids... which makes for good "balance"... and they'll cover over the strap rivets at the same time.

Though the Saddlebags are pretty plain, and clean... they are dressed up a touch with a braided binding on all the seams...

The sacrifices with Leather bags are that the seams are NOT waterproof... and you can't lock the bags... but then... I pack my gear in waterproof stuff sacks... and if you think your gear is safe... locked in an ABS plastic box... with most having lids which can be bent up by a palsied four year old...

 ... then your perception of the world I live in... is juuuuust a mite different than mine! :o)

So... at this point I'm pretty happy with 'em... but let's give it 10,000 miles or so... and see if I'm still grinning!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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