Monday, June 7, 2010

Rollin' Along on the Alaskan Ride Preps...

The replacement for my missing birth certificate came Friday... so... early this week, the passport paperwork will get filed... takes about 4 weeks... I've got six... maybe almost 8, so I should be good...

Got the Saddlebag Mounts fabricated yesterday...

When I bought the bike, the guy who'd had it before me, had put on some Nasty, throw over bags... and these support bars were bolted in place. I would only take the Raider... if those gawd awful bags got taken off! :o) ... but I still had the saddlebag support bars.

A friend, who is a pro welder... unlike my... looks-like-peanut-butter-but-it-sticks-in-place, metal burning; set four 3/8 nuts in place, on each bar, to serve as mounting bolt points.

Just had time yesterday to hold 'em in place... and they look like they'll fit... find out in a lil' while... when I try to bolt 'em in place...

... 'cause I need 'em to be ready... Looks like I'll be test fitting my Motorcycle Saddlebags sometime on Thursday... :o)

With all that in place it'll be in good shape for the seat rebuild at the end of the month... Yes sir! Things are cookin' 'round here... 

Brought all my camp gear back from the storage shed yesterday... gotta go through it all... make sure ever'thing is squared away and ready for rolling up the ALCAN!... used to call it "Ruck Time" in the army... and often the 7 P's...

P-roper P-rior P-reparation P-revents P-iss P-oor P-erformance! :o)

As soon as I'm done conjuring up my Hard Saddlebag setup I can sort out the top pack arrangement... and then... spend some time, goin' through my gear, to see where it's gonna fit best, scattered through those bags... on a 9000+- mile Alaskan ride!

... and though 'some folks' have tried to tell me "You picked the wrong bike"... and don't seem to be able to accept my reply; "Put a Cork In It Sparky!" That big Red Scooter is gonna make a Sweet Ride, rollin' through Canada! Hoo! Ya!

I've got something over 3000 miles on it now... and am glad I waited on the handle bars... They actually seem to be fitting me pretty well, on long rides... with the coming seat mods... it'll likely get fine tuned to perfection... for me! and though Yamaha only claims 42 mpg... I've been getting upwards of 50 the past couple of weeks... that won't hurt either... though, loaded up with all my gear I expect that to drop a mite.

Better grab my tools and put those mounts on!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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