Friday, July 9, 2010

The Leaving! ... and the Approach to Freedom Road!

Hittin' a few bumps and potholes here at the end of that last chunk of road... and gettin' ready for the next leg of this Journey.

a couple of 'equipment' issues with the rig... but I think we've got 'em locked down now...

We're pullin' out later, this day... hopefully 'fore it's too far gone... headin' west with the rig... for a rendezvous in Ouray Colorado... in about a week.

The bikes, both the V Star an' the Raider... are stayin' here in Nunn till we get back from that circle...

Then, on the about the 22nd of July, we'll circle back here... I'll climb on the Raider... and split the wind north... Headed for Homer! :o)

It's been a rocky road the last few years, to fight our way to this point... and not real sure how long it'll last... but by God... for a bit anyhoo... We are livin' on Freedom Road! Hoo! Ya! :o)

Now... my real job is, now that I've stepped off on Freedom Road... I just have to find the way to keep myself on it!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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