Friday, July 2, 2010

My Star Raider Finally Has All Its' Custom Motorcycle Seats and Saddlebags!

Picked up the Raider at Bitchn Stitchn in Lakewood yesterday morning... and Installed the Raider Saddlebags this morning...

Now anyone who has a Roadstar Raider knows... that nobody is apparently making Saddlebag Mounts or Saddlebags for Raiders... at least if you want hard mount bags... and are using, and liking, for the most part, a Yamaha Raider Backrest.

Well... No Problem! Just fabricate your own Raider Mods... ie. solid, Raider Saddlebag mounts... and then there are plenty of Saddlebags that are gonna fit on a Raider...even if... like me... You are one of the few who LIKE the Stock Yamaha Exhaust pipes! :o)

I'll be building a page on the site in the next few days with pictures from a lot of angles... and some "noise" 'bout how I mounted 'em... etc. but for now... I think those bags... and the two custom seats (Pillion and Drivers seat) are Lookin' Good!

Both seats have a gel insert, with fake ostrich Vinyl and some fancy stitchin'... They added some material to the drivers seat, that moves me about an inch and a half or so, forward... eliminating, for me, I think, the need to replace the handlebars for a better position... right now... I'm happy... so I'll ride it a few thousand miles and make a final decision, some time into the deep dark future.

So... now I'm 'bout to go make a test ride... to see how it all works together... and of course... just because the sun is shining... the road is calling... and there's fuel in the tank!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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