Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Melancholy Miles

It's been a tough couple of days.

The motivation for this long ride on the Alaskan Highway is to fulfill a promise made by a young runt... too long ago.

While the details will remain private... just know that it's not the pursuit of joy, but simply a hope to  find some peace...

The difficulty of the trip is compounded by great faults in a mans character.

How can a man, who can so easily, and clearly, see the mistakes made by others, and their solutions; fail so miserably at recognizing even greater failures in his own life?

It's confounding... and wearying... even for a grumpy, stubborn Ol' fool like me.

I have Treasured friends... a wonderful Daughter and son in law... a Grandaughter that is a joy... and a wife I'm unworthy of...

So... I sit in my tent... alone... typing on this lil' Acer mini laptop... as the sky darkens into the evening. My supper is cooked and ate... gear stowed for the night...

... and I lean back in my Hippie chair... carving the words of a post... which will get uploaded when I run across some WiFi... or enough signal for my air card.

I rolled 428 miles yesterday, after leaving Fort Collins so late... got up early and could only manage 250 miles today in the same time... between road construction and Buffalo Jams... I chose the wrong route to make any time...

... but giving me no shortage of time to chew over the years... the miles... and the heartaches... missing the family and friends behind me... waiting to share my future at home... and the friends gone forever... but missed no less... and wondering, "What is it I'm looking for? How will I recognize it if it comes along?"

... so... in the morning I'll pack my Beaver Creek camp and depart this spot north of West Yellowstone... rolling North, seeking sunny slopes... Greater Understanding...

and the Mythical "Healing Power of the Open Road

Wandering the Great and Glorious West

***posted from a rest area along the river North of West Yellowstone***

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

"What is it I'm looking for? How will I recognize it if it comes along?"

Perhaps the most asked question of all among wanderlusters. No guarantees that we will find what we're looking for... so we just cram as much into the Journey as possible, sometimes to the dismay of significant others, and hope.
I'm with you pal, I'm with you..

Sharlotte said...

Good Morning Brian,
Hope you are in a better mind this morning. You have such support back at home with wonderful Heidi, daughter, granddaughter, and son in law. So make this ride, my friend, exercise those "ghosts" and doubts, safe in knowing how much you are loved by them. Turn that Raider into the wind, enjoy your trip, take us along with you through your posts and pictures, and most of all, return safely to all who love you.
Ride with the wind, my friend.

HighwayPegged said...

Pretty mysterious stuff; Reminds me of Neil Peart's "Ghost Rider." Hope you can resolve what's buggin you soon and start enjoying yourself.