Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Close to Home

Passed through Yellowstone yesterday. It's mid August and there's no shortage of two legged "wildlife" in that place... better to wait for September!  :o)

Set up my last night of this trip in a cheap motel in Dubois. Interesting thing was... coming over Togwotee Pass, the road Construction was the worst road of this whole motorcyle tour to Alaska!

Then, this morning, I went to do a post and I could't get WiFi to work... Waaagh! So this is getting bumped out on my lil' Droid phone sitting at Mickey D's down the road a bit in Lander Wyoming.

I'm back in my Home country now!... and will catch up with a few "summary" posts over the next few days... from the comfort of the Eagle!

Free on the Open Road in Wyoming!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, what a ride!
Thanks for taking us along!
Scott in New England