Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ain't it Great That the Ride Just Keeps Shining Brighter on the Last few Days of it?

The Sky is Blue... except for that nice lil' Thunderstorm last night :o) the road is open and life is pretty darn good.

Ran east on Highway 12, along the Clearwater River through central Idaho Monday. Climbed up over Lolo pass and dropped down into SW Montana, to pass back through Ennis and find a camp just north of West Yellowstone.

THAT  is a SUH-WHEET Motorcycle Road! The road writhes and twists, squeezed between the mountain on one side... the river on the other... It is what cruising the twisties in the High Country is all about. I'd hang a picture here... but right now... they're foolishly trapped in my camera, out in a saddlebag, while I enjoy my morning coffee, chompin' on a Mickey D's egg mcmuffin... and tap tap tappn' on this keyboard. :o)

Traffic, at least on a Monday, was light enough that a fella could make a few "runs" here and there to widen the grin on his face... Yes sir... the roads through Idaho, central and farther north... are just about all, fine rides on a fine motorcycle.

For anyone camping, there's plenty of good camps scattered along it... and didn't appear to be any real shortage of lodges or decent lodging for those needing finer accommodation.

Bottom line... if you're riding through this part of the world... I'd strongly counsel you to route your ride along Hwy 12... it is a gorgeous run.

On the last "Camp" night of this trip I decided to treat my self to a fine meal in a restaurant, first one of the ride... as long as you discount McDonalds and other such joints! :o) and "Three Bears Restaurant" is our favorite spot for a fine meal in West Yellowstone...

Today I'll work my way across my favorite "spot" in the world, Yellowstone National Park... and then SE to a motel for my last night on the road... of this trip.

Received a comment from a guy the other day wanting a post talking 'bout the "Sensations" of Riding the Alaskan Highway... got me to thinking along that line a lil' bit :o) ... so now... I've got a lil' list of "posts" I'll write... once I'm back... and can just think and put my thoughts together, along that line... and there's quite a few thoughts I have on that subject... surprised huh? :o)

One of the things you may have noticed... I haven't taken as many pictures as I'd planned... or usually take on trips... seems between the weather and where my Head, found itself... that just didn't happen... This trip turned out to be a lot of what it was hoped to be... a lot of looking inside... while my carcass rode through the Glorious Outside... a pretty good thing for a man to do once in a while.

...but, now that it's near over, I'll be building a regular page on the site with a full summary of my Motorcycle to Alaska ride, and most of the "Good" pictures I did capture... along with some observations in posts here, I've made on Motorcycle Camping gear and habits on Long Rides... so stay tuned!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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