Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've Run into a Lil' Roadblock With My Fifth Wheel Mounted Motorcycle Carrier...

We're getting ready to pull out for a long circle with the Fifth Wheel... and though I don't consider, that loading the Bike to take her with us makes her a *Trailer Queen*... That's where she has to ride to come with us.

*Since we Live, Full-Time... in our Fifth Wheel... hauling her on a carrier is more like parking her in a Garage... not the insult of making her a Trailer Queen... Right? :o) *

So... I was just about to do some Trailer Frame bracing, to insure that I didn't pick up any Trailer Frame issues with the fifth wheel... carrying the 700+ lb Roadstar Raider, that I've not had in 10,000+ miles of carrying the 500+ lb. V Star.

SCREEECH!... That's the sound of that lil' project coming to a sudden halt!... The thought that the Raider, wouldn't fit on the existing Fifth Wheel Motorcycle Carrier  never even crossed my lil' pea brain.

The thought that, maybe, I should put a tape measure to things... before I got any further along... Did... finally occur to me... OOPS! Turns out that the front tire is 'bout a half inch too wide for the Wheel Dock Chock... and the Back tire is almost a whole dang inch!...

I knew her hips were wide... but Whew! She's a big girl!

Bottom line is... I'm either gonna have to do, another, major re-work of the carrier, to fit the bigger bike; along with the Frame Bracing to protect the Fifth Wheel RV... or ... I'm gonna have to come up with another, totally different, solution for Taking that big Red Sweetheart of a Two Wheeler with us...

One of the two Has to happen... 'cause... Leaving her behind, for any significant period of time... Is Not... something I'm gonna Tolerate! :o)

so... put on another pot of coffee... pull out some blank paper... a pencil... eraser... and start schemin'!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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