Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Makin' Some Progress on a Re-design of the Motorcycle Carrier

The idea I've come up with is... in this case... Bigger is Better! :o)

Took a long two up ride, well for her it was! Up through Rocky Mountain National Park... Splitting the wind on a beautiful day, herself decided she wants to give "Riding Her Own" some more time to develop.

Bottom line? I'll carry both bikes... on a One Ton dragging a fiver. :o)

What I've come up with... that remains in Early Draft is that the V Star will continue to ride on it's carrier on the fiver... and the Raider will ride cross bed, behind the cab. I've thought of this way before... and just didn't do it.

Well... this decision is made... the Raider goes behind the cab... To get her up there and deal with the clearance issue at the break over point, I'll fabricate a "Dove Tail" section that will attach and extend 2' from the side of the truck. This will be built to split the difference between the flat bed and the angle of the 8' motorcycle ramp that will attach to it... and should allow the bike's low clearance to clear the edge of the bed as she's pulled up.

... and that is Pulled Up. The idea of riding up... and across the bed... into the new Wheel Dock chock... and NOT missing it :o) is not really working for me... so I'll put in a light winch to pull the bike up slow and easy!

All this requires moving the gooseneck hitch on the truck back to give sufficient turning radius... and likely a lil' suspension boost... though the total weight is under cargo capacity... uh... really! :o)

Gotta get this done pretty quick too... we need to leave! Wanted to pull out the 6th of Sept. Looks like a week later at least... But...

If I've got both Bikes along... It's worth the wait!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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Anonymous said...

Keep pluggin along!
Can't wait to see that set-up finished!

Anonymous said...

Keep pluggin away!
Can't wait to see that set-up finished!
Scott in N.E.

Sharlotte said...

Go for it Brian. I too can't wait for the pictures.