Sunday, September 12, 2010

Motorcycle Auxiliary Gas Tanks for Motorcycle Touring

How do you carry extra fuel on Long Motorcycle Adventure Tours... or Just Motorcycle Touring where you're not quite sure if you can make the distance between fuel stations?

On my recent Solo Tour to Alaska... on my Raider that can only go, comfortably, a mite over 150 miles 'tween fillups... I carried an extra gallon in (4) MSR, Quart sized fuel bottles made for Back Packing...

I carried 'em in the pockets of my Ruck, strapped on my tail rack... which seemed pretty good to me! ... I did have the thought, a time or two, that those MSR bottles are kinda thin... and really didn't wanna see the consequences of dropping the bike...

So... I made an extra special effort to keep that Yamaha Raider Upright! :o)

I recently found an outfit called Tour Tank that builds some pretty fine looking auxiliary fuel tanks for motorcycles. From what I can tell, these things are just the ticket for Long Riders... and Adventure Riders.

They also build something they call "Tour Tubes". These don't cost much more than the MSR Bottles I used, (with similar volume) and their weight and construction should make 'em a hell of a lot sturdier and safer for Motorcycle Touring use...

These would have, I do believe, fit right in the same place as the fuel bottles I used... and a lot less risk in the event of an "Incident".

So... back to my chores... see ya down the road somewhere!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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