Saturday, September 11, 2010

Most of my Parts are in to Build the Newest Motorcycle Carrier for my Fifth Wheel Trailer setup

Most of you already know, this part of my Motorcycle Carrier setup is going on the truck.

The V Star will ride in its Cowboy II Motorcycle Carrier, where it has for 10,000+ miles out on the tail end of the Fiver...

The Raider is slated to ride, cross bed, just behind the cab of the truck.

I'm using another Wheel Dock Motorcycle Chock for that job... special built to fit that 21" Wheel on my Raider....

But, Sitting there behind the cab, there wasn't enough room with the hitch in the standard position... so we're moving it back approximately 18".

You can see it here... the trap door for the original hitch location is just in front of where the gooseneck is sitting on the bed... and in this pic, the full pin weight is on the truck, with it NOT quite coming level...

I figure quite a bit of weight gets taken off the pin when the V Star gets up on the back... so... when I load the Raider... I've got my fingers crossed that I won't need to be adding anything like the Firestone air suspension boosters... We shall See!

Also, you can see the weld in turn over ball gooseneck hitch setup I found... Now all we gotta do is burn some steel, do some wrenchin' and go to haulin'! ... Uh ... as soon as the 12' ramp that's long enough to get that low clearance cruiser motorcycle up on a Tall flabed... gets here!

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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