Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've added the Black Widow Motorcycle Ramp

The Motorcycle Ramp got here day before yesterday, but I didn't get time to put it together and do a test load till late yesterday afternoon...

The ramp is actually three ramps, connected by several brackets welded to the wider, center section. This one is 12' long when it's unfolded.

... and... it worked just like it's supposed to...

If you haven't loaded a motorcycle up a ramp... in a while, I can tell you... it kind of gets your attention... especially when you're NOT loading lengthwise... but crossways on a flatbed! With No cab to stop you if you... uh ... misjudge your speed? :o)

*Loading a Raider Crossways on a Flatbed with a Black Widow Ramp*
I'm pretty happy with the Ramp. They aren't $669 for the 12' ramp... to buy it and get it shipped to me. But... you gotta do what ya gotta do!

The Black Widow ramp uses welded on brackets to lock the three ramps together... and transfer weight across all three. Then it uses a pair of straps to keep them from spreading any... along with three more straps, to hold the ramp to the truck. (click the pics to see the larger size for details)

With a hundred horsepower... give or take... depending on who you talk to... and what the dyno read that day... a Raider has the grunt to kick that ramp out from under you, if you twisted the throttle a lil' too sudden... so ya better make sure those security straps are pulled snug! :o)

Anyhoo... I managed to do a test load without any unpleasant surprises... all that worryin'... 'bout just ridin' off the other side was all for nuthin'. The Raider just rolled right on up... just as it was supposed to.

The only, very small issue, is at the bottom, just starting up. Even though the ramp is 12' long, and that cruisers seat is pretty low... the angle is still steep enough, that once the front wheel starts up, my feet won't reach the ground until the back wheel gets on the ramp...

So... there's no Walkin' it up under power, sittin' on the seat with your feet down... A fella has to just commit and roll  on up the ramp... But No worries. A big cruiser has the torque to just roll on up pretty slow an' easy... no need to Get a Run at It... Like you might feel the need to do with some smaller bikes.

I'd planned on just riding it back down too... but... without bein' able to put my feet down, at the bottom... that didn't seem especially sensible to me... so I just walked it down, in gear, with hands on the clutch and brake... and again... no worries!

The cross bars of the Black Widow Motorcycle ramp are serrated... and closer together than you see on ATV ramps... so you don't have to worry 'bout where you put your feet... or slipping... I had good traction all the way... as I inched that bike back down the ramp...

I'm hopin' I get a lil' quicker as I gain a lil' confidence in my athletic ability! :o)

Well... we've got most things just about buttoned up... and are hoping to be able to pull out and start wandering... by the end of the week...

Grab Your Handles and Ride!

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